Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easter with the Klusman's

We were all set to have Easter at my Dad's in Argyle.  Kristi, however, got the flu the weekend before and just couldn't get over it.  She ended up at the ER Thursday for IV and tests so we decided to cancel.  Kristen called and invited us to come Saturday anyways, spend the night, and go to church.  Saturday morning, Dad called and Kristi was feeling better and was officially not contagious.  So they all ended up coming as well.  We got there and the kids were so happy to have Carleigh and Taylor - they are so much fun!  They had gone out and gotten each kid stuff for their Easter basket.  The kids were so happy to have an Easter gift - bubbles, books, organic jelly beans, etc.  Grayson got a raquetball set and Harper got an Anna doll from Frozen.  

After presents, we went outside to play raquetball and blow bubbles.  Harper loves bubbles, but nothing was as cute as how much Reese loved them.  It was almost impossible to pry the bubble wand out of her hand.  She just kept dipping and dipping and dipping.  They were so cute running around and popping all the bubbles Mimi was blowing.  Grayson learned how to play his game pretty quick since it was like baseball and had a blast too.

My dad picked up Taco Cabana for dinner since none of us had planned on cooking.  It was actually really good and Harper friendly, so a win/win.  The kids finished early and then ran around the house with Taylor and Carleigh.  I love that there are always tons of people to watch the kids on family nights.  Harper loves it!  After dinner, we decorated sugar cookies.  Grayson decorated 3 cookies with a ton of icing and didn't eat a single bite.  Harper put one spoon of icing on her cookie and then ate 2 of them.  Reese used a ton of icing because she didn't know what it was, but ate her full cookie and a few spoonfuls of icing.  They were so cute all being so different and yet so happy to be doing it.

After cookies, we went outside and got to break confetti eggs on each other.  The kids loved them and I wish I had bought more!  After eggs, it was bath time, pj's, and bed time.  It was so nice this time not to have to rush off to make it home in time for bed.  My dad and I talked about Easter and the sermons we had been listening to.  It was a really nice and relaxing evening.  My dad and Kristi left so she could rest and the girls stayed until bedtime.  It was nice to just sit around and talk, all of us sisters just hanging out doesn't happen often.  We talked about shows, family, and all sorts of dumb stuff.  Finally, we kicked them out because we are old and had to go to bed.  It was a great start to Easter weekend.

My parents went home a little early since Kristi was still tired from the flu.  The girls stayed or the rest of the evening and we sat on the couch and just talked.  It was nice because I don't know the last time the four of us sisters all did that.  We bathed the kids, put on PJ's and read books.  It's fun to get to experience those things.  I feel like we are always rushing off to get home.  We decided to spend the night so we could relax that night and then go to church with them the next morning.  Harper and I got to help tuck Reesey in and then she went to bed.  5 minutes later, we changed the sheets because she had found a water bottle and spilled it, but then it was bedtime.  Grayson stayed up a little later and hung out with the big kids.  He seems so grownup when he does!  Finally, at like 10pm, we kicked Taylor and Carleigh out and went to bed.  No matter how late you stay up, the kids still get up at the crack of dawn.  

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