Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hello Mr. Sun

The sun has finally come back and we have been able to spend a few days outside in beautiful weather.  This winter has been long and cold and hard to handle up here in Denison because we don't have as much to do.  I am sure that Harper is tired of playing in the house with me and ready to have a life again!  

I have always wanted her to have a fun childhood, running crazy outside, digging in the dirt, and loving the outdoors.  Thankfully, she has been doing just that.  We come in sometimes from playing in the backyard and she is covered head to toe in dirt.  We both love it!

Jessica had been back at work and I miss hanging out with her and baby Cayden.  I wish she and I lived closer and that she stayed home with me and we could hang out every day!  This past Monday, she was home because they couldn't find a babysitter and her principal let her have a free sick day.  We played at their house for awhile which Harper loves.  She gets to play with baby toys that light up and make noise as well as Jake the pup who will chase balls that she throws.  After awhile, we decided to head to the park at the end of her neighborhood.  School was just letting out and it was cute to see all these people just hanging outside with their neighbors.  It was more like life when I was younger.  Harper had fun on the playground and Jessica took her down the slides a few times.  She had an accident while we were there so she had to play without panties on, but she didn't seem to mind (of course!).  Cayden is such a good baby.  He just watched us and never made a peep.  I think she eventually fell asleep on the way home.  Harper was exhausted and I knew she would probably fall asleep.  It was only 10 minutes to my parents so I hoped she would sleep there.  Nope.  She slept for 5 minutes in the car and then would have nothing more to do with a nap.  Oh well, better than nothing.  We love spending time with them and we can't wait for summer when she'll be off work to spend time with us!

Two days later, Kara came up to visit and stay with us.  We love when she comes because she plays with Harper and actually enjoys it.  She gives her a bath so we have one night off.  And when Harper is sleeping, we get to talk about every thing in the world that is going on.  It's so nice!  We had chicken pot pie for dinner because it is one of Harper and Kara's favorites.  Plus, Kristi had given us some rainbow carrots and we thought it would be funny to eat purple carrots.  I also wished Kara lived closer because then I would never be alone!  We love her!

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