Thursday, April 17, 2014

Monday Funday

Every other Monday we go to Lewisville for our Mom's Inc meetings in the mornings and we spend the afternoons at my parents' house in Argyle.  We love spending time with my family.  They are just the absolute best.  I honestly miss them so much it hurts sometimes.  

Harper eats lunch and then naps while Kristi and I get a chance to talk and catch it.  It's so nice to have her because I know that she will be honest, kind, and encouraging no matter what I say.  And with all the crap in the last few months, it's been much needed!  Harper loves being there, it's her second home. We play with the dogs or take them for a walk.  She washes dishes.  She eats the food that Kristi is trying to cook for dinner.  She runs wild when the girls get home.  She plays with all the girls old toys.  She colors all over their school papers and notebooks.  She has a blast.  

I'm sorry, but can a top bun get any cuter?  She has the BEST hair!

This Monday was super fun.  We walked outside and Harper got to walk Pumpkin.  She got to cook and wash dishes with Mimi.  She got to draw with Taylor's markers, which was abruptly ended because she wasn't being monitored and colored all over her hands and face.  She even got a little work out in with Kristi's stretching machine.  Taylor and I worked on homework while Carleigh took a nap.  It was right after spring break, so she was a bit off schedule.  And after awhile, Harper just kept messing with her until she finally woke up.  That's what family is for.  

It was a beautiful day out and Carleigh and Taylor have been sitting outside to get a bit of sunshine.  Harper, Taylor and I sat outside for awhile and just relaxed.  Eventually, Harper got bored and wandered to the dog house.  She was in the bottom part for awhile, but we looked up one time and she had crawled up the house into the second story.  Just her little head was poking out.  It was hilarious until she got stuck.  My dad got home later that evening and we all had dinner and Harper got a bath.  As per their usual routine, Dad and Harper did their evening yoga poses.  They make up animal poses like Stork, Dog, Crane, etc.  It is so funny and so sweet to see how they love each other.  Some drives home, Harper will sleep the whole way and it is awesome.  This time, she stayed awake and grumpy until 8:30 and was exhausted by the time we got home.  She is so stubborn sometimes!

I love my family so much.  They are my other half.  I don't get to see them or my sister as much, but I'm grateful for the time we do have.  Harper's new thing lately is to tell people that they are her "fwamawy" and give them big hugs.  I love that she knows how precious her family is.  

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