Thursday, April 3, 2014

Target Practice with the Fam

Friday morning of spring break, I got a call from my dad telling me that he wanted to come up for some target practice.  He got a new shotgun for Christmas and has been itching to try it out.  So the family came up Saturday afternoon, after Taylor got off work.  They all came and brought Paco, the foreign exchange student from Spain that the girls are good friends with.  He's a nice guy and they have a lot of fun with him.  The guys immediately got all suited up and headed to the barn.  They shot a bit and then targeted clay pigeons for awhile.  It was funny to watch them shoot from the house, guessing who it was, if they missed, etc.  After awhile, the guys came in because it was cold and rainy.  We had dinner and even dessert.  Carleigh is always good to make us some brownies.  The teenagers spent the evening separate from us and on their phones.  They are such good kids but their generation doesn't know how to sit and talk for long periods of time.  :)  Harper loved having them here for the entire day.  We have missed spending time with them.  

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