Thursday, May 26, 2016

Benton's Swim Party

Benton turned 4 and had a swim party at Jonell's house.  They just put a pool in and it was so beautiful!  Morgan had it decorated so cute with a shark theme and Harper thought it was so fun!  She swam from the moment we got there until we forced to get out for dinner, cake, and bed.  She loves to swim and wants us to get a pool so badly.  They made wood fired pizzas in their outdoor kitchen and the kids all got to make theirs, which they loved.  Paige sat in the shallow end for a little while and played in the sandbox for awhile.  The adults just got to sit around and chat and enjoy the night.  It was perfect!

Gymnastics Super Show

Harper had her gymnastics super show at the end of April.  She has been practicing at the end of her classes and she was super excited.  It was at the Grayson College gymnasium and they had all their gear set up.  It was from 1-3 on a Saturday but her group was at the very end, so I took her early and everyone else came later.  Presley's group went first and she did so good!  She was pretty much the only one in her group that actually remembered her dance.  Harper and Reagan did great and loved being out there.  Harper did her dance but watched Ms. Emily the whole time.  They danced to the Macarena and she was so proud to show me the moves like it was a new thing.  After they did the dance, they got to run around the obstacle course that they had set up.  She got to jump off bounce boards, run across balance beams, do cartwheels, and climb in and out of wheels.  She loved it.  After the obstacle course, they did another round of the Macarena and this time, she was actually jumping up and down while she did the motions.  She had the best time!  They got a participation trophy afterwards and she was proud.  She came and sat in the stands with us and she was so happy.  She got to watch the cheerleaders do their dance and the teachers do one too.  It was a great show!  Nana and Papa came and Mimi, Pop, and Carleigh.  Afterwards, we took pictures of the three gymnasts and all of a sudden, Paige wanted to be in the pictures too.  She was so cute!  Mimi and Pop came over for dinner and we celebrated an early Mother's Day.