Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Fun Day with Kara

Kara called us Wednesday night and was randomly taking Thursday off of work.  So we decided to meet her in McKinney the next day and spend the day hanging out together.  She is so good about coming to us that it was nice to meet her for once so she didn't have to drive too far.  The next morning, we met Kara at the shops in Allen and spent the morning shopping, looking around, and walking the shops.  Harper got to spend about 30 minutes in the shoe department at Macy's before we got enough stares that we left.  She loved trying on as many shoes as she wanted.  And making Kara try shoes on that were definitely not super cute.  But she put every shoe back on the racks and we moved on.   

After shopping, we found a park in Allen and grabbed lunch.  Harper ate her food and then played for an hour on the playground.  Kara and I ate, talked, walked around, and helped Harper when she needed it.  It was a beautiful day outside and a perfect afternoon.  After awhile, we headed towards McKinney and ran one more errand.  We grabbed some ice cream from Sonic and talked in the car for another hour or so.  We could honestly talk for days and not be done.  That afternoon, Kara headed south and we headed north.  When we got home, Harper tried on the new bathing suits that Kara bought her.  She LOVES bathing suits.  I love days spent with her.  They refresh me.  

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