Wednesday, April 2, 2014

February Photo Dump

February was a tough month.  We had a lot going on in our family and it seemed like we all just wanted to move on to spring and better times.  Thankfully, Harper is a champ and endured through all of it like a sweet little girl.  I am so thankful for this family of mine - they keep me sane and smiling even in the worst of times.  

Harper loves to play in the mornings, and usually just does things by herself until about 10am.  It gives me time to clean the house or do chores, phone calls, laundry, etc.  We play in the playroom and she is so good and finding new ways to play with toys that she has had for years.  She loves to pretend and is always talking to herself or her dolls, making up stories about what is going on in that doll's day.  She loves to be outside when it's warm and jump on her trampoline.  We bounce her around and chase her across the trampoline and it just feels like we are in this little bubble, playing just her and I.  She has also found a new toy in the window seat blinds in the kitchen.  She can actually play there for an hour and not get bored.  She has a great imagination that keeps her busy all day!  She is in between 2T and 3T, winter and summer, but her belly is still always a little round.  Her hair is growing so long but she doesn't always want a clip.  Eventually, I'm going to have to figure out some hairstyles.  For now, I just pull it up in a top bun and send Taylor and Carleigh pictures of how cute she is!  Plus, she got these adorable pink Converse sneakers and her aunties are so jealous!

We still aren't napping regularly and it makes for a long evening (or early night if you look at it that way).  Once a week or so she will fall asleep, in the car or the stroller, or on her bed while she was reading.  She fights it, but I know she is tired a lot.  However, I guess I haven't been paying as much attention to what she does during rest time when she's not sleeping, because she has gotten into some trouble lately.  After she had gotten up one day and we were hanging out, I went back to her room to pick up her books and noticed that everything was greasy.  She had used an entire jar of vaseline all over herself for "medicine".  She had gotten it all over her sheets, comforter, books, toys, dolls, floor, and self.  It was a nightmare to clean.  Of course she was proud of herself for using her "medicine" but we had to make some new rules after that one.  No getting off the bed now, and Mommy is always watching.  

Cody and Harper love spending time together.  They like playing, rough housing, riding the four wheeler, walking the dogs, and laying on the couch watching tv.  They can do something together for an hour and never blink.  Lately, Harper has been resting a lot with Cody on the couch, watching his shows and learning about life outside of cartoons.  We were supposed to go to my sisters for her birthday one Saturday and she ended up falling asleep at 11am on the couch with Cody.  We let her sleep because she was exhausted!  And of course she has fallen asleep on the four wheeler, but that's nothing new.  Harper has a hard time letting go of me to be with other people because we spend all day together, all week.  But when the weekend hits and Cody is home, she will go with him anywhere.  One day he was going outside to walk the dogs and she suddenly wanted to go with him.  I sent her outside and she always takes off, running after him.  She loves him so and it makes me so thankful for them both.  

Life has been rocky, but good at the same time for us lately.  I've learned alot about myself and what God expects of me.  He loves me and always holds me up even when I don't have strength to do it myself.  Harper makes me smile every day and I'm thankful for that reminder of joy and happiness in every day life.  Even when I'm frustrated with her 2 year old self, I can see that God sees me the same way and loves me still.  So we trek on our journey and enjoy life along the way.  Harper isn't a "terrible two year old" but has her moments.  She is getting tired of her plain food and wants to always eat ours. She steals my coffee in the morning and tries to finish my bible study for me.  She makes a mess doing everything and nothing, so I feel like I am constantly cleaning the house.  But it's good to have messes, and tears, and chaos, because our life wouldn't be the same without it.  I still have to remind myself that my life isn't supposed to get drowned out in the trials and heartaches, but to carry on and have joy even when it's too hard just to survive.  My sisters started me on How I Met Your Mother and I might have escaped reality every day during nap time and watched 8 seasons (200 episodes) in just over a month.  But life is good and I'm thankful, even when it doesn't seem like it.

We have libaray on Wednesdays and she gets to sing and dance and hear stories.  Plus, we see Kelly and Tessa, Jill and Cooper, Sarah and Wyatt, and other friends.  We have playdates on Fridays with our Mom's group and that is always a highlight for us.  She would play on the playground every day if she could, and we will anytime it's sunny and warm.  And we try to visit family and friends in between running errands and doing chores.  It's been a busy month but a good month.  

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