Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper Elizabeth!

There were a lot of pictures - sorry!

Set up and Decorations - Part 1
The Party - Part 2
People and Presents - Part 3

Party and Presents Part 3

Harper got a few great presents from her family and a few friends.  Since we packed all her toys a few months ago, I know she loved every single one of them.  And this year, she totally loved opening them too.  She would grab a bag, turn it upside down and dump it out, and yell "Yay!" and clap.  She was proud.  And she is a great gift opener.  No matter what it is, she always loves it and wants to open it or wear it immediately.  

Dumping out a present and clapping for herself. 

Kara did some research and got Harper this awesome Rody Pony.  It's a rocking horse and bouncy horse in one and Harper loves it.  All the kids got turns and it was a hit.  Harper just kept saying "Ho-sie" and riding it.  

Harper hugging her friend, Alyssa to thank her for the gift.

Tessa enjoying her sucker from the pinata.

Harper hugging Julianne to say thank you for the Minnie Mouse toy. 
These girls all LOVE Minnie Mouse.

Harper and Sweet Ellie

So excited to get clothes from Ellie.  She is a fashionista for sure.  

Harper's new princess shoes from KK.  She LOVES shoes too.  
And somehow, she already knows how to walk in heels.  

Reese on her way to a nap.  Turns out this little girl had a stomach bug on Saturday and Sunday but was acting ok and no fever.  But this munchkin passed her stomach bug to 15 other people from the party.  Grayson and I got sick on Monday.  Gary, Kara and Kevin on Tuesday.  Longs, Spiegels, and Colatrianos sometime later that week.  At the end of the week, I posted to Facebook about Reese giving us the bug and suddenly everyone from the party kept posting "Us too!"  Man, what a party favor!

Us with Kevin and Kara

Since we are moving to the country, I thought Harper would love a 4wheeler.  Buddy and Serena found her one, just her size.  All she has to do is push a button and steer.  It took her a few days but she knows exactly how to drive that thing now!  

Happy Birthday Harper Elizabeth!  
You are such a joy!

Harper's Party Part 2

Harper's party was a hit this year!  She had a blast with all of her friends and family.  She was running around playing with everyone, jumping in the bounce house, and enjoying the spotlight.  We are so thankful for all our family and friends - we have so many that are so fabulous.  I can't believe so many people love us and Harper so much.  But they do and we had a great time getting together to celebrate Ms Harper.
Kelly, Tessa, Kara, Kevin, Buddy, Kathryn, Reese

Harper's Cousins, Julianne and Tessa, loved Reesey

Harper definitely figured out what birthday means.  To her birthday means, cupcakes and presents.  She doesn't get to eat sweets very often, so this was like the culmination of all things good in her world.  

Grayson just turned 3, so he was learning that everyone else gets a birthday too.  
He wanted a cupcake so bad but Kristen made him wait till Harper had hers first.  

So good!

Uncle Eric fed Harper until there wasn't a single crumb left. 

The ice cream sundae bar turned out pretty good.  The ice cream 
got just the perfect blend of frozen and melted by the end.  

Kara accidentally spilled the m&m's and Kevin made fun of her.  Then, an 
hour later, Kevin spilled them!  Those two are just right together.  

We got an ice cream pinata and let each of the kids take a few swings at it.  Most of the kids were under 3 so they were a little confused by hitting it.   But Grayson is obsessed with baseball so he finished it off for us pretty quickly.  

Addy and Grayson Long

Julianne's turn (Tessa was a little scared)



Eric the Gnome

After the pinata, the adults just got to relax and talk.  It was so nice that the kids just ran around and played so well.  Since we are moving, it was a huge blessing to be able to see these friends again before we go.  I know we will still see them, we aren't even moving that far, but it was still nice.

Lexi, Emily and Liam (3 months)  
Liam is a high maintenance baby just like Harper but he did so good this day!

Jill, Victoria, Hannah (Alyssa was outside)

Lexi and Ressey

Nana and Harper girl

Jessica, the real birthday girl!
We had the birthday on Sun. June 9th because the next weekend was Father's Day.
Sweet Jessica came even though it was her actual birthday and she was celebrating with her own 
family that day.  But we are glad because we got to tell Cayden hi.  He'll be here in October.  

So thankful the boys got to stay and just relax.  When they come up ususally, it's for a holiday which is always hectic and busy.  This was a great time for us to just hang out and enjoy catching up.  

Grayson and Dane telling knock knock jokes.  

He thought Dane was so funny!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday, Harper Elizabeth! Part 1

Harper's 2nd Birthday was this month.  2!  Time is seriously flying by.  Since we are homeless right now, we had the party at Kristen's house in Frisco.  It was great because it had enough room for kids inside and adults outside, plus a bounce house for some extra fun.  We had an ice cream social and it was fabulous.  I haven't had a good ice cream sundae in a long time!  

She's two!

Her ice cream birthday hat

Ice cream sundae bar

Ice cream sundae cupcakes

Food table

Harper's birthday pictures

Her sweet outfit with a tulle ice cream cone and a pink tutu

So excited about the bounce house

Waiting for her friends to come over and play

Hanging with Tay and Car - they had to leave early 
to go on their first youth mission trip

One of the best surprises of the party was that the boys were able to come.  
They were in town for Mark's wedding the day before and stayed to celebrate.