Sunday, April 6, 2014

We wish she would just live with us...

After our play date with friends in Frisco, we went and picked Carleigh up from IKEA so she could spend the last few days of spring break with us.  We love our aunties and we miss spending time with them now that we live so far away.  But we visit every week and they spend time out here on breaks from school. We ran a few errands to places in Frisco that we don't have back home and by the time we were done, we were both hungry.  We ate at In and Out burger because it's not near either of us and we like it alot.  Especially because Harper can eat there and loves their fries.  After a late lunch, we headed home.  Of course Harper had to pee on the way home but we weren't close to a place to stop, so we actually had to stop on the side of the highway to pee.  We talked the whole way home about life and Jesus and it was nice to spend some quality time together.  

Friday evening, we hung out, ate, and Carleigh made brownies of course.  We danced and sang Frozen for Carleigh and Harper loved every minute of it.  She did miss Taylor so Carleigh let her watch a video of Taylor dancing on her phone and she was happy to get to "see" Taylor.  We didn't have much going on this weekend so it was nice to relax.  Carleigh of course convinced me to start another show on Netflix so my life has been busy ever since.  Saturday morning, we stopped by Texoma Trade Days and shopped around a bit.  We hung out at home for the afternoon and played outside, jumped on trampoline, and eventually went inside to watch the rain.  Harper and Carleigh spent the whole day playing and laughing and dancing and singing.  They watched a show together and even played some Disney games together on her computer.  Kristi met us at church Sunday morning to pick her up and we were sad to see her go home.  We seriously, 100%, unconditionally love having Carleigh and Taylor come stay with us.

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