Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Dogs!

Maggie was born sometime in the beginning of April so we have always given her an April 1st birthday.  And when we took Dixie to the doctor in October, they said she was 2 1/2 and so our best guess made her three this April as well.  Easiest thing to do - give both dogs an April 1st birthday party!  So we celebrated the dogs on April 1st with some dog treats, a picture, and some extra attention.  The main reason I did it is because I have a lot of dog owner guilt.  They are outside dogs and don't get as much attention, plus they have to live outside whether it's cold or hot, rainy or snowing.  So we decided to celebrate them and make them feel special for a day.  Harper made them a picture during that morning while she was painting.  We made them a "birthday cake" out of dog treats and peanut butter.   They loved it and licked every bit of food off their plates.  It was a chaotic moment.  Harper wanted them to have their picture, so we taped it to the door from the inside so they could see it.  And then Harper stood at the door and talked to the dogs for another 30 minutes.  She was so happy to sing them happy birthday and tell them about their special day. 

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