Thursday, November 29, 2012

Carrollton Fall Music Festival

Carrollton puts on a fall music festival every year that supposedly my mom used to take us kids to when we were little.  I don't remember (but I have blocked many childhood memories) but we all decided to go together this year.  

It had tons of kid stuff - bounce houses, trampolines, carnival games, arts and crafts.  Harper didn't get most of it, but Grayson had a great time.  He threw at the baseball game and football game multiple times and jumped in every bounce house he could.  Harper sat and watched him jump around, and then when time was up and all the other kids were getting out, she suddenly started jumping with a vengeance.  Grayson even did the trampoline jump.  We were a little worried because he was the smallest kid in line, but he waited patiently and then when it was his turn, he ran over so excited.  He jumped by himself a few times and then the guy started pulling on his rope so he would fly into the sky.  It was awesome.  

We had Babes for dinner, which was sooo good.  Harper stared at the deer head on the wall for a long time and Grayson decided to name him Barry (so he could be Larry's brother).  Then my parents took Grayson home and we walked around for awhile longer.  Harper sat in the fire truck and a SWAT car.  Then Cody and I listened to Mickey and the Motorcars for awhile.  It was a good night.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Celebrating the life of Ms Vicki

This past week, Cody got a call that his grandmother was in the hospital.  We went to see her, and it was hard.  Not knowing if someone is going to make it or not.  It's a confusing thing.  She was sedated for the pain, but for a small window of time, she came out of the sedation.  In that 2 minute window, Cody and I got to tell her we were there, praying for her, loving her, and wishing her well.  I treasure that 1 minute conversation with her, as it was our last.  We were told the next day that she was on the mend, but she passed away that night.  What a roller coaster of emotion.  To want to keep her with us and enjoy her for a little longer.  To want her to get to meet her Creator and Savior and start her eternity in Heaven.  Such a war going on inside.

Victoria Elizabeth Hempkins, aka Miss Vicki, aka Nana, was a phenomenal woman.  She was kind, loving, always ready with food or candy and a conversation about the news.  She saw more in her life than I think I ever will.  And today, Nov 15, 2012, she would have turned 93.  I sit and think of all she did in her life, of all she accomplished, of all she saw; and I am overwhelmed.

Her funeral was Sunday and it was a beautiful tribute to who she was on this Earth.  While she was here, her ministry was writing cards.  For birthdays, sicknesses, anniversaries, sympathies, etc.  She was always writing cards to friends, family, church members, anyone who needed an encouraging word.  Sometimes she included a poem, sometimes a bookmark, but always a little love and a prayer that they would be blessed.  On Sunday, any who had been blessed by Nana's ministry and had received a card from her, were asked to raise their hands. As I glanced around, my eyes filled with tears because almost every hand was up.  What a servant.  Sweet Nana had loved on, prayed for, and served all these people with an encouraging note and her time.  That legend will live on and for that, I am honored to know her.

The funeral was hard.  I haven't dealt with death much in my life, and even less since I have become a christian.  For the first time, I 100% believe that Nana is in Heaven, dancing with her Savior, worshiping her Creator.  She is in a place of joy with no tears and no pain.  When I think of all that she has gained in death, I am grateful that she is there.  But I miss her, I know my husband wishes she were still here.  We will think of her often, wishing we could talk to her one more time or that she could see Harper once more.  It's such a war of emotions that I'm sure only time can fix.  But as sad as we are, we are grateful for her life and grateful for the promise that we will see her again in Heaven.

So Happy Birthday Nana, we love you!  We will continue to tell Harper about you, her sweet namesake.  We will always think of you when we eat jelly beans.  And we will try to bless others as you did when you were here.  Thank you for raising your family to know Jesus as you lived a life that followed Him every day.

Nana meeting Harper for the first time 
July 2011

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Halloween #2

Harper had a fabulous Halloween this year.  We spent the day at home just hanging out.  Our friends, The Hunts, came over to say hi, and we spent the whole day in pj's.  Since she was Minnie Mouse for Halloween, I let her wear her new Minnie Mouse pj's that day so she could "get into character".  

We went with our neighbors, The Graham's, to the Highland Village Festival down the road.  It was fun to check it out but pretty small.  Harper had a great time though.  She loves hanging out with Taylor and Kipton from next door. And they always do a great job of holding her hand, showing her what to do, and always talking to her about what's going on.  She absolutely loved being outside, running around, and seeing all the different kids in their costumes.  We played a few games, took pictures, and saw the fire truck.

Taylor the Princess, Kipton the fireman, and Harper as Minnie Mouse

All holding hands, so cute!

Hanging with Dad

She loved carrying around her pumpkin

Trying to figure out what that man had put in her pumpkin

Baseball game for candy

Her first tattoo (a black cat)

Driving the fire truck

Right after this, the firemen got a call and the kids got to see them in action

After the festival, we went trick or treating around the neighborhood to some friends that we know.  Kipton and Taylor showed Harper how to hold out her hand and her pumpkin to get candy.  And by the end of the night, she was stealing candy from anyone she could.  Sadly, she didn't eat any of the candy, but she at least got some fruit snacks.  She had a great night and we loved every minute of it!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween #1

The Saturday before Halloween we went to the Frisco Square Halloween Festival.  My friends Ana and Kelli (from high school) live in Frisco and we try to get together for playdates every now and then.  

Ana with sweet Ellie in her pumpkin shirt and tutu

Her very first piece of candy received from trick or treating.  
I'm pretty sure Cody ate all her candy that day.

She loves to run and we are always trying to tell her
to slow down because she usually ends up falling.

Harper really enjoyed holding her pumpkin and walking around outside.  On Monday, we went to Mom's Inc.  After I had gotten her dressed, I realized that she had found a matching necklace to go with her outfit.  I am in trouble if her fashion sense is already kicking in!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Family Dinners

We had two family dinners this week.  My sister is so good at taking pictures of the cousins, so I just stole all her pictures off her blog.  :)

We had dinner at Kristen's on Sunday night with my Mom and Mark.  I went over early to help around the house and Cody brought Harper after her nap.  She was sick so she didn't go to church, but Grayson was too, so swapping germs didn't see to matter.  I don't see Grayson as much since he goes to school, so I had a lot of fun hanging out with him.  He showed me how he shoots hoops and yells Kaboom!  He sang me his Bumblebee song and his made up song (Hey, You, don't you know, I forgot the words).  He says it and then waits until you laugh, and then he just dies laughing.  I, of course, laughed every time.  Cody was confused after the song, and I had to force him to laugh because Grayson was just standing there waiting.  We had dinner and did baths.  At the end of the night, Brian brought his deer head "Larry" home from his parent's house.  That kept Grayson and Harper entertained for awhile.

Cousin Couch Picture

She immediately went for some love

Poor Reese

I swear she loves me

Watching MMC on the ipad because the Cowboys were playing

Larry the deer

Tuesday night, we had dinner at our house for Carleigh's 15th birthday (a tad late!).  Harper and Grayson played all night, got chased around by Carleigh and Taylor, and had a blast.  He kept telling her not to touch "his toys".  Of course, she doesn't understand so she keeps bugging him and playing with everything he plays with.  I asked him what he was going to do for Halloween, and he said "Knock, knock.  Gimme candy."  Man, he's got it down!  Then, they took a bath and Grayson kept pouring water on his head and hers.  Harper wasn't super excited.  Afterwards, we sang happy birthday to Carleigh.  Grayson was so excited about the song until he realized it wasn't for him and he had to give the gift to Carleigh.  He put it pretty close to her but then helped her open it, of course.  Sadly, we got her some white skinnies, which looked similar to the ones she was already wearing!  We had dessert and Grayson got a marshmallow (it was 1 year OLD).  We all went to bed a little late, but it was a great night.

Reese 2 1/2 months

Grayson talking to his baby sister

Grayson pretending to tick or treat

Friday, November 2, 2012

Painting with Playgroup

We had another playgroup last Monday and it was a blast.  The kids all came and played while the moms sat and talked.  This time we knew they would be ok and might have spent more time talking than actually watching our kids.

We all brought pumpkins to paint for Halloween.  As a first time kids' craft with painting, I was definitely not prepared.  Lisa took over with the paint and I'm sure the kids had way more fun painting her way then mine.  The kids ended up without clothes but tons of paint, running around and having a ball.  They play so good together - it's awesome.  In the end, the kids ended up in the bathtub but the paint wasn't really coming off easily.  I guess I learned that there is a children's paint that is different from craft paint, and also washable.  

Within one minute she painted more of herself than the pumpkin, 
so we immediately stripped off clothes and had some fun

Our newbie, Phoebe, who HATES to get dirty

Katharine was very prepared

G's plate is already a mess while sweet A's is still neatly compartmentalized

Harper realizing that Lisa's group was more fun

Getting lessons in paint from Lisa

Finger painting on herself and A's pumpkin (she didn't mind)

Umm...I just laugh at this picture.  

Ok, this one is even better.  

Running around naked and crazy 

My child would not leave the paint

Where did those big, adult sized, handprints come from, Lisa?

Happy Halloween Playgroup