Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gymnastics Super Show Practice

The Monday before Super Show, Harper's class got to show the parents their practice run of their performance.  They did great and I am super proud of all that Harper has learned.  It's still funny to watch her get in the middle of it and stop and just watch the other kids.  She has a little bit of her daddy's ADD.  She loves her performance and thinks the Macarena is super fun.  I can't wait to watch her perform!

Best Saturday Ever

We had a weekend with no major plans.  So we decided to do some stuff we had been needing to for awhile and make it a fun day.  We went and got donuts that morning for breakfast.  I had been craving donuts for a few weeks and we are all suckers for them.  After that we went to the Texas border and took bluebonnet pictures at the information center.  It took us a few weekends because of all the rain.  After that, Cody went home and mowed the yard and the girls and I ran errands and shopped in Sherman.  We came home and took naps and Paige slept for 2 1/2 hours.  Then, Harper and Cody got to have a daddy-daughter date night.  They went to Academy and walked around, had dinner at Taco Cabana, and went to the Scott Middle School production of The Lion King.  They had a blast and enjoyed some quality time together. Paige and I went for a jog outside, which she loves to ride in her stroller, and then we went and bought groceries at Walmart.  It was actually a really nice day for us!


Paige is a messy eater.  Like, food in her hair, up her nose, all over her clothes, messy eater.  She pulls her bib off every single meal.  She likes to eat just enough to not feel hungry, tells us she is done, pull off her bib, and then decide to keep eating for awhile longer.  She also gets super tired while she's eating, so she will rub her eyes and scrape her hands through her hair.  It gets everywhere!  This is why we bathe every night!