Thursday, April 3, 2014

Happy 7th Anniversary to us!

The Monday of spring break was our 7th anniversary.  We are 50/50 on actually celebrating our anniversary.  We love each other, but it's not a huge deal to us if we do some big thing.  We just like to make sure and spend time together.  Our one main tradition is to make or buy a gift that is based on the traditional wedding anniversary themes.  This year was wood and copper.  I got him an ipad holder made of wood from etsy.  He made me a dirty board game, the game we spent hours upon hours playing with my grandparents.  It's mostly just an adult version of Sorry, but we love it.  It reminds me so much of my grandparents that I actually cried when he gave it to me.  It is made of wood with some copper embellishments and our wedding date engraved in the center.  He is so thoughtful and creative!

This year, we had a bunch of things to do over spring break, so we just made our anniversary a day to spend doing errands and chores all together.  We had breakfast at a local diner we had been wanting to try downtown.  Harper loved getting to eat out and she ate most of Cody's food, including ruining his coffee with some pepper and dipping her bacon in it.

After breakfast, we all got our haircuts downtown.  Harper's doesn't look much different but Cody always looks so good after a haircut.  It's so short!  I got a lot cut off and some layers, so it'll be nice and cool for summer.

After haircuts, we headed home for lunch and naps.  While Harper was napping, Cody burned some brush piles outside and they ended up being gigantic.  When Harper got up from nap, we all took rides on the four wheeler and it ended up being a beautiful day outside.  I absolutely love days like these when we just play around outside and enjoy the weather.  It was a great anniversary!

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