Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Library Egg Hunt

We go to the library every Wednesday morning for Read to Win program.  She reads 25 books a week and gets to pick out a free book from the closet.  Plus, Kelly and Tessa go so we get to play with them. And we have met a few other moms from Denison so it's good for us.  They usually make a small craft, sing songs, do colors/shapes/numbers/etc, read a book, and play around the room.  This Wednesday was right before Easter, so we did a bunny craft with chocolate syrup.  Harper enjoyed finger painting, but wasn't sure why she was painting with chocolate instead of eating it.  

After the library program, all the kids headed outside for an easter egg hunt.  Harper was so excited.  She had been carrying her basket around the house for days and playing with her eggs.  She grabbed some eggs and had a fun afternoon.  We took pictures with her library group and then a few of us and Tessa.  They are so cute!  They love each other. 

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