Tuesday, April 22, 2014

We got egged!

Wednesday night, we went to the Kemp Baptist Church Easter pageant.  It was so great to see the gospel portrayed and interesting for Harper.  She got to see the live animals which was fun for her.  Plus, I tried my best to explain the meaning of the pageant to her as it played out.  She has not stopped talking about how Jesus died but God said "Come back friend, I need you" and Jesus was risen from the dead.  Haha!  She wasn't scared of any of the noises or darkness, but resurrection was a bit intimidating.  She is so cute!  

When we got home that night, we saw that we had been egged by our favorite people - the Spiegel's.  It was bedtime, so Harper got to do her egg hunt the next morning.  Before breakfast, she went out with her basket and did her egg hunt, in PJ's no less.  She loved every minute of it.  Usually egg hunts are so crazy and hectic because kids are crazy for eggs.  This was so cute to see her take her time to find the eggs, to be excited when she finally saw a new one, and to look at each one as she put it in her basket.  

We came inside and she got to look through all her eggs.  She got some good candy and little toys.  It took some strength to get the eggs open, but she just kept at it.  And then, she just kept getting this amazingly happy face every time she opened the egg.  One of her last eggs didn't have anything in it.  She was shocked!  We talked about how it was empty to represent the empty tomb after Jesus had risen from the dead.  It was awesome because she was able to put this together with the pageant from the night before, and she actually understood.  Such a smartie!  

We absolutely love the Spiegel's.  They are the kindest people and we are so thankful for them!  

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