Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Visiting the Duff's

Our friends, the Duff's, had their little boy, Ryan, in October.  We were supposed to see them twice but  our kids got sick both times and it didn't work out.  So finally, we set up to go to Burkburnett and visit them the first weekend in March.  Lydia and Harper get along so great and love playing together.  They spent the day playing dolls, tea party, kitchen, dress up, Frozen, etc.  Cody and Jeremy spent most of the day at a chili cookoff and ended up winning, which was a pretty big deal.  Tracy and I played with the girls and I got good quality time with that sweet new baby boy.  He is such a doll and looks exactly like a mini-Jeremy.  We just relaxed and enjoyed the day, which we don't get to do very often.  Jeremy smoked some ribs for dinner and it was awesome.  Bedtime meant all four adults got to sit down and do nothing but relax together, which was nice.  We were told it was supposed to snow and ice on Sunday, so we left pretty early that morning hoping to make it back to Denison before the snow and church.  We headed out but the snow hit at that same time and it was a long drive.  We didn't make it to church but at least we got home before our snow days on Monday and Tuesday.  We had a great weekend and we love spending time with the Duff's.  

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