Saturday, April 5, 2014

Highschool Playdate

I haven't gotten to spend any quality time with my highschool friends in awhile.  It's funny how life changes everything and marriage and kids make it hard to get together.  So when spring break rolled around, we all jumped at the chance to have a play date.  Harper and I got in the car early while Cody spent the day working outside.  We headed to Frisco to meet Lexi, Chani, and Amanda, run some errands, and do a little bit of shopping.  Harper was excited and she actually played with toys the entire drive down instead of being bored.  

We went to Chani's house and got to meet Tylie for the first time.  She is 6 months old and super cute and funny.  Lily is 1 1/2 and was so sweet and beautiful.  They all had fun playing, sorta together, sorta just watching the others.  It was funny to see them all together.  We have all been friends for so long.  It's such a funny thing to finally see our next generation together as friends.  

We hung out all morning, just talking and catching up.  School, work, kids, families, old friends.  We talked about everything.  It was nice to just remind ourselves of old friends and good memories.  Hopefully, they will be friends like us someday and it will be fun to watch.  

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