Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time to Move!

We put our house on the market for sale by owner over spring break.  We wanted to sell it ourselves since I have the time and stay home and we want to use the extra money we save on realtors to fix up our new house.  Plus, my mom is a realtor and agreed to help out if needed.  So we spent 2 solid weeks cleaning and making the house sell ready.  Then, it went online Friday, put the sign out Saturday, and had our first showing 2 hours after the sign went out.  We had an open house Sunday with a bunch of people, including a few that scheduled follow ups.  Then, Monday we had a showing with a couple that we just knew immediately would be our buyers.  They are young, engaged to be married this summer, go to The Village with us, and had been looking for quite awhile to get into our neighborhood specifically.  He is a firefighter and 2 of his Fire Chiefs live in our neighborhood and love it.  So when they saw our house, not too big, recently updated, for a decent price, they were in love.  They put an offer down Tuesday, we countered Wednesday, and signed the contract Thursday.  Such a blessing!  We only had to have our house "show ready" for 1 week and we also got a great price on our house.  It only took a few days before we became friends with our buyers.  They are fabulous people and we are so glad that they are going to love our house as much as we did.  

Cody power washing our exterior over spring break about 3 minutes before it started to rain.

Harper was a good sport while I spent hours and hours packing our house.

We closed 4 weeks later on April 19th.  Since our house isn't ready for us to move into yet, we are moving all of our stuff into storage into an empty store Buddy owns in Denison down on Main Street.  It took 5 car loads, 5 trailer loads, 1 loaded boat and 1 cow trailer that was 35 feet long, 10 feet wide and 12 feet tall.  And it was FULL to the tip top with things pushed in every nook and cranny.  It took 7 trips of stuff, 4 of those trips happened 4 days in a row the weekend before.  It sucked!  We somehow have doubled in possessions in 5 years and have way too much.  Plus, I am a horrible packer!  I hate packing.  Most of my life my sister, Kristen, has packed our house.  She even came home from college her freshman year and sophomore year to pack up our house twice when we moved to and from Austin.  So it was a lot of work, extremely exhausting, and seriously not fun.  But it's over for now and that is the best part.  

Harper LOVED the trailer.  She could play on that thing for an hour while we loaded it up.

After we moved, this is what our carpet looked like under our bed.  All Maggie's hair - SICK!

The last few days we had no furniture.  Cody saved himself one chair and Harper got her carseat.  She actually thought it was serious fun.

I swear this man has more clothes than me.  And of course while he was packing, he found tons of thing that should have gotten thrown away but ended up new toys.  

I feel like this is our life now.  We are constantly in the car, driving to and from Argyle, to and from Denison.  We feel a little homeless right now, but we are grateful for all our families' help and our future home!  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Easter Sunday Celebration

Easter Sunday was a great day.  Harper is a little too young to understand much, but I really wanted to try and make Easter special.  She had a new dress from KK, which turned out to be too small that morning.  So in the end she wore a dress that we had bought for later on.  She also got a new Easter book, a pop-up - her favorite kind.  We read it Easter morning and she loved it.  She loved it so much she ripped the Risen Jesus off the back page.

We went to church with my parents, took pictures, had breakfast, and an easter egg hunt.  It was a good morning.  Everyone showed up on time and Harper got to play with Reese and Grayson in the nursery.  At the end, Harper got to sit with Eric and Dane and read the bible.  She was pretty funny and thankfully no one cared that she was a distraction.   

Harper climbed up in Brian's lap and tried to convince him that she needed his food.

Poor Reesey missed her nap.

Since it was a little rainy, they had the easter egg hunt inside.  I still remember learning that there was no Easter Bunny because it rained and the aunts and uncles had to hide the eggs inside.  This egg hunt wasn't really a hunt, but they still had fun.  Harper would grab a few eggs and then stop to play with one for awhile.  Grayson just grabbed as many eggs as his basket would hold.   

She has learned to say "cheese" for the camera.

After church, we went to the Polley's and had lunch with the family.  We just keep growing and it's getting big and loud.  But as always, it's fun.  We laughed, argued, watched bad home videos, and ate lots of food.  The kids had another egg hunt and got little baskets from my Aunt Lissa.  

Harper trying to feed Reese, as always.

All of the next generation.

Why is there always a picture of a Eric, a baby, and a beer?

Showing Krissy her belly

Trying to give Grayson hints to some of the last hidden eggs

Saying Goodbye

When we got home, we turned our cross around and remembered that He is risen!  What a fabulous celebration of such a fabulous day.  We are so thankful that we have eternity because Jesus died for us. And we are excited to know that our Savior isn't dead in the ground but alive and in Heaven.  What a glorious day!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Easter in Argyle

We had Easter at my parents in Argyle on Saturday evening.  The boys came in town for the KU game on Friday and we all got to hang out all weekend.  We all got to Argyle around 5 to have an Easter egg hunt.  Harper likes the egg hunts, but isn't really concerned with getting lots of eggs.  She just likes to pick one up and open it and show us.  Thankfully she didn't realize that they can candy in them because she can't eat it anyways.  She mostly just watched Grayson hunt because he was a pro.  Then she took all her eggs and found new hiding places for them.  She had fun watching and playing with everyone.  

Harper showing Grayson her new basket

Ready, Set...


Dane was the best egg hunting uncle ever.  Every time they had found all
the eggs, he would steal some of theirs and hide them again so it never ended!

Harper messing with Grayson's basket.  It didn't take him long to figure out 
that she was after his basket and keep it a little closer to him.  


Mimi and Pop

Krissy and Reese

Eric and Erin

Dane and Reese

Reese, Tay and Car

My sweet baby

Isn't she getting so big?  She is such a good baby and has the best chubby cheeks!

Harper loves Reese and talks about her all the time.

Chasing Grayson.  Harper started saying his name this weekend but 
could only get out "Gay-Gay".  

Petting a kitten

She just learned to crawl this weekend.  She'll be getting around quick now.

Before dinner, we were all praying and I saw Grayson grab Harper's hand.  It was so cute that 
grabbed Kristen's camera to snap a pic.  Right as I was doing that (and Dad was praying), we heard Grayson say "You're supposed to close your eyes..."  to Carleigh.  To which Brian replied, "How would you know if your eyes were closed?"  Grayson thought it was so funny!

After dinner and a bath, the cousins got their Easter baskets from Mimi and Pop.  
They got a VeggieTales dvd and a big bubble wand.