Monday, May 5, 2014

Easter with the Shattuck's

Easter morning, Harper woke up before the sun.  We tried to stay quiet, but after awhile it got boring just sitting in the dark.    Grayson had gotten up in the wee hours and slept in Kristen's bed so she was on the couch.  Eventually, everyone else got up and we all got showered and dressed.  The kids had breakfast and played around the house.  Reese showed us her new favorite game, "Ring Around the Rosey" and they played for 10 minutes - which is a lot!  Harper loved it and Reese would "fall down" and then immediately sign and beg for "more".  It was so cute!

It was good to get to go to Bent Tree again.  We have missed hearing Pete talk.  Harper had fun in her class and loved that she was at "Grayson and Reese's church."  We took family pictures outside, it was so beautiful!  Kristen tried to get cousin pictures but I'm pretty sure we won't get a goo done of those for 10 years.  Reese and Harper were actually having fun with this one but G just didn't seem to care.  So we headed out, on our way to Lissa's for family lunch.

We got to Lissa's and had our traditional family lunch.  It was a smaller crowd this year but still tons of kids.  Harper had fun running around and playing.  After lunch, they all went outside for the egg hunt.  Scotty is the best Easter bunny and he loves hanging out with our kids.  Harper and Reese both walked around slowly, collecting eggs, looking at each egg.  Grayson ran off and grabbed as many eggs as he could.  Eventually all the eggs were picked up, Harper wandered aimlessly, Reese walked around with both baskets, and Grayson hunted hidden eggs in trees.  KK and Mark walked around with the kids, played bubbles and watched them jump on the trampoline.  

Harper got a Doc McStuffins beach bucket from Lissa for Easter and was super excited.  She just kept asking when she could go dig in the sand.  We left hoping Harper would sleep on the way home and she did.  She was exhausted.  We stopped at the Hempkins' on our way home to say Happy Easter and then crashed at home that night.  Harper and I were both getting a cold, so we went to bed early.  But it was a great Easter.

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