Monday, April 21, 2014

Mom's Craft Night Out

Our Mom's Craft Night Out met again this month for a wreath making session.  It was at our house and I was so excited to make something new for the house.  I met Kristi at the Hobby Lobby that week to get all our supplies and try to decide on which wreath we actually wanted to make most.  Aaron and Harper had fun playing with all our stuff and messing with everything in Hobby Lobby.  They are so good together and they get along very well.  It took us awhile, so by the time we were done, we ran over to Chic Fil A and had some lunch.

That Saturday, Kristi, Tina, and Kelly came over and we talked, ate, and crafted.  The tutorial for the burlap wreath said 30 minutes, which was a good joke.  It took us 30 minutes just to figure out what we wanted, then another 30 minutes just to figure out how to do it, then about 2 hours to get it done.  But we had a blast.  It's always funny to watch things progress and see them go from not looking great, to done and good looking.  Plus, all four of us did it an entirely different way and they all looked great.  We had good food and talked about all our kids and all the phases they are in.  We got advice, laughs, and it was a fabulous night.  

The next Saturday, we met again, because MaryRuth and Sarah couldn't meet the Saturday before.  We went to Kristi's house and sat and talked for hours.  We kept looking at the time and wondering how we weren't getting anything done. I think we talked and ate more than we crafted.  But it was still a great night.  We all made wreaths, but this time they were all a bit different.  It was so fun seeing everyone's personalities come out in their wreaths.  I love Mom's Craft Night Out!

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