Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March Madness

March has been a fun month.  Harper has turned into this little kid overnight and she seems so big to me now.  She talks in complete sentences (grammatically incorrect but still sentences).  She is able to remember things from previous days or even if someone was sick, sad, etc. the last time we saw them.  She can pick out cars when she sees a car similar to someone else's on the road.  She can dress herself pretty fully most days.  It may not be what I want her to wear, but she loves to dress herself, especially in bathing suits and PJ's.   

She loves helping in the kitchen.  She would bake everything, everyday, if I would let her.  She loves food, like most women, and usually the good stuff, like her mama.  Biscuits, pancakes, waffles in the morning.  PBJ and mac n cheese at lunch.  Pasta, potatoes, rice, for dinner, and always rolls.  And she would do about anything for dessert, although she doesn't really know all that dessert entails just yet.  And I don't know why, but she is obsessed with butter.  Plain, simple, butter.  She has gotten better about drinking some juices, but still no milk and not enough water.  This month was extremely difficult trying to force water down her.  She needed to be drinking 15 oz. and was usually drinking less than 10 oz.  It led to a lot of hard days going the bathroom, a lot of tears, and a lot of clothing changes.  But I'm hoping the heat from summer changes all that.  She also understands that some things we use in the kitchen are from my Grandma's house and that they are special.  I absolutely love that she gets to drink orange juice from her tiny glasses and make pancakes in her brown bowl.  I swear those are the best memories I have of my Grandma - she always had food and a lot of love.  

She has also started figuring out how life works.  When I'm on my phone, she always asks who I'm "testing" (texting).  She knows how to work my phone, manipulate apps, find T. Swift on my iTunes, and do most anything.  She knows that things need to charge when they won't come on, and I might fib a bit and tell her things are "charging" when it's just not time to play with them.  She even tried to charge her Nabi in the couch the other day.  Not a bad idea.  She loves the new movie Frozen, and we got it on DVD.  She knows the songs and loves to sing and dance to them all the time.  She talks about the "Frozen Monster" and how it scared everyone else but not her.   We have gotten to go to Grayson and Julianne's soccer games and Harper has decided it would be fun to play soccer too.  She is learning that playing soccer isn't pushing the ball around in a baby stroller or throwing the ball, but kicking it across the field.  It was a bit of a learning curve.  Because she loved pushing her ball around in the stroller.  She is also really into puzzles lately.  And once she has done it before, she can usually get it pretty easily the next time.  She has three Sofia puzzles that she loves to do and a few others.  It impresses me that she can put them together without a picture to look at.

Life up here is pretty normal.  School, play, food, cleaning, repeat.  That makes up about 75% of our days.  We are so ready for summer.  Harper asks everyday if it's warm out yet so she can go swimming.   It's confusing when I tell her it's warm but not quite warm enough.  Our allergies are extremely bad up here and we have been trying new things to make it through the day.  We have been trying essential oils for allergies, stomach problems, headaches, etc.  So far it's been good but there is so much to learn. Cody isn't as much of a fan, but he's not one to jump on band wagons easily.  I guess we'll see if they actually work.  Harper has also been dressing us lately in bows, headbands, shoes, etc.  The funny part is when we end up in public, having forgotten about wearing pink and blue headbands.  We started the Matt Chandler bible study, To Live Christ To Die Gain, in bible study this month.  It's been awesome.  And just in time for Lent and Easter.  Other than that, we ride the four wheeler a lot, Cody grills a lot, and I have been leaving the windows open each day just to enjoy the beautiful weather.  It's been a beautiful spring so far.  

This nut is so different.  Some days she will jump from anything in sight, pick herself up and tell me she's ok.  Some days, she barely gets a scratch but cries for hours and begs for a bandaid.  Some days she can sing and dance and play by herself for hours in the morning.  Some days she begs me to play with her and hold her all day.  Some days she will eat every bite on her plate.  Some days she barely eats enough to survive.  She is such a little turkey some days, but she is still cute enough that we make it through.  

She has finally learned to play hide and go seek.  However, if you ask where she is hiding, she will tell you.  She also says "Ready or Not, Here My Come" and "Come out Come out, whereveryaare".  She is in love with her new princess nightgowns and changes her clothes as soon as she gets home.  She loves to run around the trampoline and play chase.  She likes to sprinkle her own cinnamon in her applesauce and oatmeal.  She likes to push the doorbell anytime we come in the front door and get the mail by herself in the afternoon.  When I ask her what she wants to eat, she says "Ummm, how bout sooome...." and proceeds to stare into the fridge.  If you ask her to get something, she says "Ok! I will!".  If she is trying to show you something, she always ends in "Wike (like) That".  If you are explaining something to her, when she understands she says "Oh yeah.  Thassit (that's it)".   She is just the cutest and we love her.  

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