Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kristen's Birthday and Spider Monkey Soccer

For Kristen's birthday, we decided to just make it simple.  She was pregnant and busy at work.  I had a 3 week old baby.  Plus, Grayson had soccer games every weekend.  So we headed to Frisco to watch Grayson play soccer and then have dinner at the McCool's.  All the grandparents came, so it was a big crowd.  Brian, Grayson, and Reese made her a cake, just like the McCools like it - plain with chocolate frosting.   Only this time, Grayson added sprinkles (the whole bottle on one side of the cake).  Taylor had to work but Carleigh came and entertained the kids.  They played ring around the rosey which is a favorite of Reese and Harper.  Paige started screaming, so we headed home, which wasn't a good idea, because she just cried the whole way.  But it was still worth it.  To see family and have everyone wish Kristen a happy birthday.  

Easter with the Piersalls

The next morning, the kids got up and were all hanging out.  I made pancakes and eggs and both Grayson and Reese were confused why I didn't just get their pancakes out of the freezer.  Kristen made the food for lunch and the kids ran wild.  KK and Mark came over and had breakfast with the kids and they got to open their Easter presents.  They got bats, stickers, and all sorts of fun things.  

After we were all dressed and heading out, we tried for a good cousin picture.  Honestly, it just doesn't happen, but the outtakes are pretty funny.  They really do love each other and it is so precious to get to watch.  

We went to church at Bent Tree and it was good to visit there again.  Harper got to be in Grayson's class so she wasn't alone.  And Paige ate and slept for most of the service.  Afterwards, we had about 30 minutes to burn, so we waited around and took pictures at the church.  The pictures are hilarious and sadly were hard to get, even as is, but still good to have.  Afterwards, we headed to Lissa's house for lunch with the Shattuck family.

Most everyone was there on Easter, so it was good to catch up.  New additions: Paige at 8 weeks, Sawyer at 5 weeks, Kristen due in June with Ellie, and Mark and Amy due in September with a boy.  Plus, Sawyer and Kelly (Scott's girlfriend) were both baptised by Mark at church.  So it was a big day.  We ate, played around, and talked.  Since it had been raining all morning, the kids had their Easter egg hunt inside.  They still loved it and grabbed a ton of eggs in less than a minute.  Even after all of them were gone, Kristen convinced Harper that Brian had one left in his pocket.  It was a good afternoon just sitting there and hanging out.  I have missed my brother and sister!   Paige had a rough day.  She didn't like being switched around to all the people because she wasn't sleeping well.  So when her feeding time came, she was so tired that she couldn't even eat.  Then she was hungry and sleepy all at once and was miserable.  It took Cody a long time to get her to calm down and poor girl just slept for most of it.  Sadly, she also cried all the way home, so it was rough.  Hopefully next time will be better.