Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Saturday is the best day!

Saturdays are the best days.  And Sundays, but pretty much all weekend we have the best time.  Harper knows that Cody gets to stay home and she is always SO happy.  She and Cody make biscuits and sausage for breakfast and she eats biscuits like they are the last food on Earth.  This Saturday, we headed to Sherman to watch Julianne play soccer.  She is really good and it was fun to see her being such a kid.  She is growing up so fast!  She scored a goal at the end and it was so cute!  After the game,  she was so happy that Harper came to see her.  They hugged and picked flowers and ran hand in hand to the car.  Afterwards, we stopped by Lowe's for the kids workshop and then went to Kelly's garage sale.  Harper got a doll wagon, a dress from Tessa and Julianne, and a little purse to carry stuff in.  All three girls just kept getting stuff for Harper.  I had to eventually say no more.  But we gave each of the girls a few dollars to put in their piggy banks and headed home.

We stopped by the park that day and played on Harper's favorite swings - the horse swings at the old park in downtown.  She played on that horse for an hour before we finally made her leave.  She loves those things.  I love that Cody is always willing to play with her, slide or sing.  He is so good with her and loves to play or rough house or run wild.  They are both such cute kids!  Harper also loves this about him and that's why Saturdays are the best days!

That night, Taylor went to prom with Paco.  Isn't she stunning?  She found a beautiful beaded gown and got her hair put up.  I just can't believe she went to prom.  It feels so weird - she can't be getting this old!  She had a great time and I'm so proud of who she is.  She is so beautiful!

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