Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday, Avinley!

Avinley turned 3 years old and had a birthday party at the Ark in Coppell.  It's an indoor play area at a church there and we have gone before during the winter.  It's huge and awesome and we love going.  We have been at all of Avi's birthday parties and we were excited to make a day trip down to Dallas to celebrate.

Harper is just barely big enough to climb up all the jungle gyms.  She needed help a few times to figure out to get up some stairs and ladders that were about 2 inches higher than she was able to reach.  She finally figured out how to climb using the net on the sides.  Cody went up with her a few times and then I switched.  Eventually she was able to go up all by herself.  The big slide is awesome because you go super fast and then slow, then fast and slow, so it's not too scary.  She loved it!  Even the grandparents got in on the action and the kids had a great time.  Avinley got tons of girl toys, princess things, and everything pink.  This girl is gonna be cute and girly soon!  I think Matt was gonna throw up, but it was cute.

Before the party, we meet the Rhode's for a BBQ dinner down the street.  These kids love each other and play so well together.  And I miss girl time with Christina now that we are gone.  So it was good to sit and catch up.  

Happy Birthday Avinley Katharine!

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