Sunday, April 13, 2014

Grayson's Soccer Game

We got to go to Grayson's soccer game this past Saturday and see my family.  Grayson is such a fabulous little athlete, he is good at everything!  This is his second season in soccer and he is so much better than last year.  He can stop the ball and turn it around, which is impressive for a 3 year old.  He can kick it in the right direction and follow it all the way down the field.  

We all love Reese.  But for some reason, this day she was all about Cody.  She kept walking over to him and asking him to hold her.  And she stayed close to his side for most of the game.  She must know he is a good soul, because she just wanted him all morning.  She did play with Harper, sit on a blanket and pretend to put each other to sleep, run around and kick up some dirt, and wander onto the field every now and then.  Harper went back and forth between being enamored by the game and playing with Reese.  

Grayson did great!  He scored a goal and had a few other close calls.  He isn't mean or aggressive about soccer.  He follows the ball, watching it, and is usually ready when the ball comes to him to turn it towards his goal.  It's impressive how good he is!  Brian is their coach and he says it's like herding cats. I have a feeling that it's much worse, but I know it's fun for both of them.  

The Boettcher's were there and it was good to see them and catch up.  Especially Mary Alice, she is amazing!  I can't believe that our families have been friends so long.  Mary Alice even reminded me of the time Carol and I got all the boy cousins with silly string, but it got all over her carpet in the process. It's good she loves us so much!  

After the game was over, the kids were eating their snack and talking to other parents/kids.  Harper went onto the field and tried kicking the ball around and making a goal.  She hasn't really ever played soccer or a competitive sport, so it was cute to see her figuring it out herself.  Grayson finally went out there to "show her how it's done" and they all ran around a little longer.  It took us awhile but we finally rounded up the kids because we all had plans for the afternoon and it was past naptime.  

These are the water bottles I made for the cousins.  Harper had one but every week at church they would stick a label with her name on it.  And Grayson had one but it was metal and he didn't like the taste.  Reese didn't have one but we knew she wanted one because she was always stealing Harper's.  So they all got a water bottle and I used my silhouette (for the first time!) to put their names on there.  They were so excited to have them!  Grayson was smiling but trying so hard not to, it was so cute!  Reese just immediately got water and carried hers around all morning.  I love that these three will have all these cute little memories of life together.  Even silly water bottles with their names.  We also gave G and R the movie Frozen.  We had gotten two copies and Harper gave them one.  She absolutely loves that movie!

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