Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Dirty Board

Cody made me my own Dirty Board game this year for our anniversary.  It is like an adult version of the kids game Sorry.  We play with cards and are happy to sabotage our opponents.  It was our favorite game to play with my grandparents.  My grandparents were the most fun to play with.  My grandpa somehow always wins.  He's such a shark.  My grandma was also so fun to play with because she felt bad anytime she had to kill someone's guy.  Plus, she always threw away the best cards so it was always good that I got to sit on her left.  We also found out that it was played by Cody's parents and their grandparents, but it was called Wahoo and played with dice.  How funny that this game is such a tradition!

We decided to play the other night after dinner.  We set it up knowing that Harper would be "playing" her own way.  We had to make sure that we remembered where our pieces were so when Harper destroyed the board, we could set it back up.  She loved getting new cards and counting her pieces forward along the board.  Even if moving forward 6 spaces really only was 3 spaces or ended up being halfway around the board.  Thankfully we all had fun, and I won, which is important because I'm a bit over-competative.  It was a great night and I know that this game will be a staple in our family.  

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