Sunday, November 23, 2014

Halloween Play Group

We had a Halloween play date at MaryRuth's house.  All the kids dressed up in their costumes and we took Mommy and Me pictures.  We did a coloring craft and played a game.  Lunch and letting the kids run around playing for hours.  It was such a great day.  We sat outside on the porch and just talked the day away.  Love my mamas!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

October Photos

October was a great month.  It was perfect fall weather.  Somedays warm, others hot, but the perfect evening weather to sit outside and enjoy the sunset.  We didn't do anything spectacular.  Lots of normal stuff, going to the gym, bible study, preschool, etc.  

Harper is great.  She is still petite, but growing.  She is excited about wearing her winter clothes, because they are new and fun.  She lets me put her hair in a pony tail or a braid every day, which is a huge improvement.  She is usually gone all morning with me so she plays really well in her play room all afternoon.  She is obsessed with technology, texting and snap chatting and typing on the phone or computer.  She is a good eater, but would pick cheerios over any other food any day.  She is a lover, constantly in our face, giving hugs and kisses all day long.  She sings all day long, new songs about Jesus that she learned at BSF or songs she made up about whatever she is doing right now.  She is just such a happy kid, most of the time, that it makes life pretty easy. 

This kid loves football and doing anything with us.  She watches football Friday night and all day Saturday and sometimes even on Sunday.  She screams at the tv and yells for the team that she thinks is playing.  She loves to do any type of work inside or outside with Cody.  Hammering, going to the barn, or taking care of the house.  She loves spending time with Cody, especially when they get to do fun things like building toys at the Lowe's workshops.  He is really good about coming home and playing with her outside, jumping on the trampoline, or swinging.  She loves being outside.  

Harper seems so smart these days.  She learns about lots of fun stuff in preschool, like holidays and her little world.  She is great at letters and numbers and likes to tell me everytime she hears a word and knows what it starts with.  She is learning to write letters and loves to draw on her dry erase board most.  She loves to draw with markers like adults or with special pens Cody brings home from school.  Always loves to paint and now is getting good with scissors too.  It's so fun to see her progress in what she knows and can do.  She is learning a lot at BSF too, which we call preschool church.  She sings songs about God and Moses and how God is loving and kind.  She loves school so much and I'm guessing that she will be in school for as long as she can be, or she will become a teacher like us one day.

Dance is going great.  She likes her class, her new friends, and Ms. Madi.  She shows us all her new dance steps and loves dancing around the house to Frozen music.  She says she likes tumbling best and tap second.  She got to wear her Elsa costume to dance class the week of Halloween and she had such a good time.

We have spent quite a few afternoons outside picking up pecans.  We can usually get a 5 gallon bucket full in about 30 minutes.  Kevin Kelly bought us a cool pecan grabber tool and it helps a ton.  I'm guessing he expects a pie for that, which is totally fair.  Harper loves to help or find the cracked ones and give them to the dogs.  They just sit around with us, snacking on pecans while we work.  

It's been a great month.  Cody and I have had a rough time watching A&M play, but it's been a fun football season.  We have also been trying hard to come up with a name for baby girl, but that is a lot harder than it sounds.  All our friends and family offer suggestions, but we just keep getting stuck.   We are sad winter is coming, but happy to have the holidays approaching!