Friday, December 20, 2013

The Spiegel's Christmas Play and Meeting Santa

Sunday was the children's program at the Spiegel's church, First Christian.  Julianne and Tessa were both in the "choir".  It was TRULY the BEST Christmas program I have seen in years.  It's a small church, so there were a few older kids in the play and a few younger kids sining the songs.  And most of the younger kids were about 5, so they got a little bored singing and sitting still for over 30 minutes.  After awhile, they were all bouncing off the walls.  Tessa was by far the cutest because she was just enjoying dancing and playing up there.  She was wearing this big tshirt too and it made her look so cute and tiny!  We were so proud of both girls because they did a great job singing and they were so cute!  Harper sat on Kelly's lap for most of the program.  She LOVES Kelly - I think she knows Kelly is a total softie when it comes to her.  For a 45 minute church program, Harper did pretty good.  Towards the end she was trying to walk in the aisle, but I was proud of her being so good.

After the program, we had appetizers, snacks, and desserts.  The girls all sat around eating good food and running around the stage.  The big entertainment that night was when jolly Ole' St. Nick showed up.  He was massive and a bit overwhelming.  But all of the older kids were SO excited.  Julianne and Tessa met Santa first and got to tell him what they wanted.  They did so good.  Harper kept telling me that she didn't want to sit on his lap, but I kept telling her it would be quick, that Santa was nice, and that she had to if she wanted presents.  I tried to reason with her, but I realized that if I wanted a picture of her sitting on Santa's lap, I was going to have to just go for it.  Santa kept asking if I wanted to sit on his lap with her - um, no.  So, I put her down and took one step back and she was SCREAMING.  She was pissed.  She wanted off.  I haven't seen her so mad in a long time.  I got her off and it took a few minutes to get her to just stop crying.  I felt bad for the kids who had to follow her.  We gave the cousins a quick hug and headed home.  It was a good night!

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