Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas in Ft. Worth

On Christmas Eve, we went to Lissa and Mike's in Hurst for lunch with my mom's side of the family.  We always celebrate with them, no matter what.  My grandparents had 5 kids and there are 10 grandkids plus 5 spouses, and now about 10 greatgrandkids.  There were over 30 people there and it was loud, crazy, and fun.  I love going, we have spent all major holidays with my cousins for my whole life.  It's nice to catch up and visit.  We had tamales and Mexican food as usual, and of course sopapilla cheesecake.  

Harper got a new smocked dress from KK and she looked so stinking cute.  She was still sick with a cold and a cough, but she was pretty good anyways, thankfully.  And of course she was SO happy to see all her family, especially Reesey. 

All the greats sat around the living room and played with my cousin Scott and his girlfriend, Kelly.  They are freshmen in college and they didn't mind playing Connect 4, Trouble, and action figures.  They are such sweet kids!

The 2nd cousins exchanged gifts and there are a majority of girls.  So Minnie Mouse was a big hit.  Reese got some MM pots and pans and Harper got a MM doll.  

We took the basic cousins pictures.  Everyone was here this year except David, who was in Washington with his girlfriend.  And the 2nd cousins got a picture, although it was much more difficult.   And this year, instead of the basic cousin gift exchange, we had a white elephant gift exchange.  It was fun.  A bottle of crown was opened and stolen and frozen within 5 minutes.  Scott and Kelly got gifts that they won't ever use.  One person got gift cards that were passed around a bit.  And we figured out that Dane and Eric raided mom's regifting closet for stuff.  It was pretty fun. 

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