Friday, December 6, 2013

Birthday with the Fam

My family decided to come up to our house the weekend after my birthday.  My mom and Mark came Saturday morning and hung out at our house.  They played with Harper and she got to show them all her stuff.  Then, we had lunch at Jalepeno Tree, which was so good!  

That evening, my Dad, Kristi, the girls, and the McCool's came up for dinner.  The kids played pretty good in the playroom while the adults talked.  This was the first time my dad has seen our house put together and decorated so it was fun showing it off.  Cody, Carleigh, and Taylor sat together on the couch and did nothing all night.  Those three are such bores sometimes and such crazies at other times.  As long as they are together, you just never know.  Grayson, Reese, and Harper played with toys, ran around, and rode the 4wheeler.  Reese colored all over the house in chalk, but it came up quickly.  And at one point, Grayson asked, "So, what does this toy DO?"  I had no answer, it didn't really do anything, you just play with it.  He wasn't impressed.  They did all have fun playing golf with Pop, though.  

They all getting matching PJ's for Christmas.  This year, they all almost got 3 pairs of footie pj's, but we got it all worked out.  They got these cute red and white striped ones and they look so cutesy in them.  

We had a great dinner of fajitas where almost all of it was pre-made so we didn't have to actually cook while everyone was there and talking.  It was nice because usually dinnertime is chaotic trying to cook in the midst of lots of people.  After dinner, I opened presents and got lots of clothes and shoes.  Exactly what I needed since I don't buy myself much and there isn't even much shopping up here.  Plus, we had all just given Christmas lists out, so it was like a mini-pre-Christmas for me!  I had tons of helpers with the presents and all of them were wondering why none of the gifts were all that exciting.  Harper actually enjoyed the shoes but they were a little big!

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