Saturday, December 7, 2013

Homemade Hot Chocolate

We had a really cold night last weekend after Thanksgiving.  My sisters had spent the weekend with us, so we were also just hanging out and being bums at home.  We decorated for Christmas for the first time in our new home.  We have Nana's tree now, it's a prelit tree and fits perfectly in this house.  It was kind of hard to decorate because I wasn't sure where anything should go in this house.  I love Christmas and I'm excited for the season, but it's just different this time because we are new to the area and new to this house.  So I'm trying not to be grumpy, it's just different!  So, the beginning of December, brings Christmas festivities so it should be fun.  Cody hung our outside lights up and played around on the 4wheeler.  Harper had fun just playing outside and "helping."  

Eventually, we headed inside to warm up.  We made some homemade hot chocolate, which is SO much better than store bought.  Harper really liked it.  We all sat around and hung out together, drinking hot chocolate, and watching tv.  It was good family time.  In the end, she spilled her drink all over the rug and we ended the night early.  But it was still a fun tradition to start.  

I love my sweet little family.  I absolutely love spending time with them and enjoy every minute.  They are my whole world!

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