Friday, December 6, 2013

Birthday Celebrations

I had my 31st birthday this month.  I didn't mind 30 so much, it was kind of fun to have a milestone birthday.  But 31 is just, whatever.  Old, I guess.  Not much fun to it!  We didn't have any major plans this year.  But my friend, Jessica, came up the day before to see me and have a day visiting the house and the kids.  She had Cayden at the end of September and he is such a cutie!  I love that she is home, even if it is for just a little while.  It's still fun to get to talk whenever we want and to visit when I'm in town.  Harper liked Cayden and tried to rock him, as always.  She got here right around lunch time so we went to the cafe downtown and he slept right through it.  We got home a little late though and it was passed Harper's naptime and Cayden's eating time.  So we quickly got back on schedule and just hung out the rest of the afternoon.  

On my birthday, Cody took us to the new Italian restaurant in Sherman, Tuscan Slice.  It was actually really good!  They have homemade pizza dough for the kids to play with and roll out, so it kept Harper entertained for the majority of the night.  Plus, they had some gluten free pizza and Harper got to eat yummy food!  It was truly one of the nicest times we have had out to eat in at least a year.  It was a great day and I enjoyed celebrating it with my sweet little family.  Cody even folded some laundry that night.  Which is unseen usually around here!  It was a great day!

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