Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve in Denison

After Christmas lunch with my mom's family, we drove straight to Sherman to go to church at 4:30.  We were hoping Harper would sleep in the car, but no such luck.  She was acting fine, but still snotty so we decided to keep her with us in church.  We met Serena and Buddy at Fusion Bible, our new church home.  We really like it.  We like the preacher, the preaching, the music, the kids stuff...  We are so THANKFUL to have found a church we like.  So we got to church and suddenly Harper was just not having it.  The music was pretty loud, but she was super tired and cranky and would not sit still, would not watch a movie, would not be good.  So I stood in the back for awhile, thinking she might sleep and I could sit back down.  Nope.  Eventually, I had to leave because she was crying.  I stood outside for awhile.  I went to the additional room with all open seats.  She just cried and fussed.  About 10 minutes before the service ended, she fell asleep.  I got to go back in for the last song and I was just happy to have gotten to go and even thankful for her 15 minute nap.  

After church, we went to the Hempkins' and had dinner.  We had a nice dinner (minus Harper who was, again, not having it).  We ate a quick dessert and then headed to open presents.  Harper opened most everyone's presents and enjoyed everything we all got.  She got a trampoline from Nana and Papa, and some dress up trinkets.  Cody got some camo (boots and a jacket) and I got a lot of random things I had been wanting (new books, perfume, kitchen stuff, etc).  It was such a relaxing evening.  Buddy and Serena both got some camo gear and some shoes.  It was a pretty country Christmas.  We had a quick bath and headed home so Harper could get a good night's sleep and feel better for Christmas morning.  

After we had put Harper to bed, Cody and I had to put together her Santa present.  She was getting a doll high chair and cradle.  I was so excited to give her these, I just know she'll love them.  They weren't that hard to put together, thankfully, so we sat and relaxed and enjoyed the quiet time together.   So excited for a special little girl tomorrow!  

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