Saturday, December 7, 2013

November Family Time

November has been a month full of fun family outings.  We finally bought a four wheeler and have been having so much fun riding around the pasture.  Cody was like a kid on Christmas morning when he got it home.  Anytime he needs to do any sort of outdoor work now, he somehow needs to use the four wheeler.  Harper likes the four wheeler but isn't 100% sure of it yet.  She will ride wiht Cody has also been duck hunting a lot.  He spent most mornings over Thanksgiving break waking up early and going out to the pond.  He is trying to convince the ducks to actually land on our pond so he can shoot them.  But so far, they are too smart.  Sometimes, when Cody is working outside, Harper wants to go with him.  It's been so seriously cute lately when I let her outside and she RUNS all the way to the barn.  She yells for Cody and when she gets there she jumps into his arms and they hug real big.  She seriously loves him so much.  It melts my heart!

 Harper is in a phase of wanting you to play with her all day instead of playing by herself.  She will go get toys and bring them to the living room.  Or she will drag you by the hand into the playroom.  She loves to pretend play.  She calls her cousins on the phone.  She gets all dressed up and ready to go "out."  She puts us "to sleep" and tells us to be quiet.  She still loves to play mommy.  Her baby goes everywhere now.  She is also seriously into playdoh.  We made some homemade playdoh a few weeks ago and she plays with it all the time (it's actually softer than the real stuff).  She even woke up the other night around midnight and cried because she didn't know where her playdoh was.  

Harper has been sick a lot this month so we have spent tons of time on the couch.  Cody has also had a cold on and off for almost 6 weeks.  So they like to lay around and nap.  I did notice that Cody seems to always want to nap while Harper never wants to.  And he falls asleep way faster than she does.  She is also big into climbing these days.  On couches.  Up chairs.  All over people.  She likes to jump and bounce and be crazy.  She isn't even scared, she will jump for you even if you aren't looking.  

Harper still loves clothes.  She is getting much better at taking and putting them on by herself.  She is tired of bows but loves wearing her headbands again.  She is always asking for dessert.  She finally figured out that dessert is ALWAYS better than other foods.  Her favorite shows are Little Eistein's, Sofia, and Henry Hugglemonster.  She loves reading and can remember stories days later.  Her new favorite activity at home is running and sliding across the floor in her socks.  She does it for like 30 minutes a night every night and makes Cody and I do it with her.  She likes to "help" us do things by holding on to us and telling us to be careful.  She is my favorite.  

We have had some issues with the "terrible twos" lately but we are working on them.  She's just a little more clingy than before and wants us to carry her everywhere.  She also wants to tell us what to do or what she is or isn't going to do.  We have talked about her not being "in charge" but I'm not sure it's sinking in.  She is fully potty trained and is even training herself at night.  However that also causes her to wake up most nights and need to use the restroom.  It's not so bad, but after a few weeks, you just feel tired all the time.  She is still a great kid and she's learning, but it's going to take us awhile.  

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