Thursday, December 19, 2013

Snowed in for a Week

Due to the ice storm "Icemaggedon 2013", we were out of school Thursday afternoon through the next Thursday.  Cody got a "winter break" of 5 days off school and we loved every minute of it.  We did the sledding and such, but spent most of our time indoors.  After a few days of playing with toys and doing basic crafts, you have to start getting creative!  

Cody built Harper her first fort.  She liked it but didn't quite understand that she could stay in there and play.  She went in there a few times with Cody, tried to make him stay in there and nap, and once or twice to hide when we were trying to get her to go to bed.  I put up with it for 4 days before I took it down and enjoyed having my living room look normal again. 

We colored, drew pictures, painted a bit, and crafted.  She loves painting but doesn't actually paint for even as long as it takes to get everything set up.  And most times, she makes me pour out each color but only uses one color for everything.  We also made salt dough ornaments, a santa handprint, a footprint, and a few extras cut from Christmas cookie cutters.  But they take a week to air dry so they aren't done yet.  

On Day 4, Harper was DONE.  She had played with everything and she was requiring Cody and I to play with her  We were tired of being inside, tired of playing doctor, and we were being lazy.  I'll totally admit it's our fault that day 4 was the beginning of the end.  However, Monday night she was grumpy from no nap and it was only 3pm.  An idea!  We got a huge lot of Barbie stuff from a lady in Highland Village who's daughters were grown.  I was saving it because she already had a doll house she loved, the pieces are tiny, there were a TON of things, and I thought she was a little young for Barbies.  Who cares when it's snow day 4?  So we pulled it all out and it was a SUCCESS!  She played with it all night, all morning Tuesday, and for a few hours here and there Wednesday and Thursday.  It truly saved our family sanity this week!  It came with a Barbie mansion with fold out sides and elevator.  20 Barbie dolls with numerous clothing changes, shoes, and house accessories.  A remote control Barbie car.  And a working roller coaster with carnival ride.  She LOVES it.  It's pretty awesome if I do say so.  She loves that she can hand crank the roller coaster and the baby Barbies can ride the cars around the track.  The Barbie car is a huge entertainment factor.  She loves to have it chase her and is figuring out how to make it go where she wants it to go.  I am so thankful for Barbie for once!  

On the last night of being snowed in, Denison had it's Christmas Parade.  Supposedly for a small town like Denison, it's pretty stinking good.  So we bundled up in layers and drove downtown.  Serena was out of town so Buddy met us there.  We stood outside the car on the 2 inches of ice still left on the road.  Harper wasn't quite sure what to do but by the end she had figured out that she was supposed to wave at everyone as they went by and say "Merry Christmas."  It was pretty stinking cute.  She got a candy cane and a quick glimpse of Santa.   It was an impressive parade for Denison, TX and we had fun getting out of the house.  

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