Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Day in Frisco Part 1

After Christmas morning at our house, we headed to Frisco for Christmas Day with my family.  My dad, Kristi, and the girls were coming over for lunch.  Michaela got in town from Michigan on Sunday and Maxine and Bob had gotten there the day before.  So everyone was in town this year.  Taylor had to work the afternoon shift at the dog kennel, so we had to open presents and have lunch before she left.  They got there are the chaos ensued.  It had been a year since we had seen Michaela, so we missed her.  And we always love spending time with my sisters.  We miss them! 

My dad has wanted a new shotgun for a long time.  Cody always tells me when my dad talks about it, in front of Kristi, hoping she gets the hint.  But we didn't really think it was doable.  But the week before Christmas, Michaela talked everyone into getting him one together.  So Kristi found one that had all his requirements and we gave it to him on Christmas morning.  He was SO HAPPY.  He didn't expect it.  Kristi had told him his big present had been delayed in shipping.  So glad that we got to see him open this gift!

After Dad's big gift, we handed out presents and kinda sat around and talked, opened, relaxed, and laughed.  It was a nice Christmas morning.  The kids ran around, opened presents every now and then, and played with all the new toys.  

My dad made Brian a set of bean bag boards for Christmas.  He asked for one OU and one A&M.  The kids know exactly what they are good for - climbing!  After lunch, all the boys took them outside and played a few games on them.  

Present time was fun to watch.  Kristi does a good job getting stuff we want, but it's still comical to see what the boys get.  Dane likes volleyball and frisbee golf, apparently.  And Eric got an awesome green, cactus, pearl snap shirt.  Taylor got her converse high top sneakers.  Thanks for coming back, 1992.  Grayson got a car racetrac that he loved and was a big hit that day.  Reesey got a purse with a cell phone and it was so cute to see her talking on it, calling her friends.  Harper got a tool bench and playdoh.  Plus, a piggy bank that Grayson painted her.  They are all into money these days and love to get coins from our purses.  Cody got some warm coveralls for all the work he has to do outside this winter and I got a new pair of 7 jeans.  We must have all been really GOOD this year!  

After presents, we decided to take a quick family picture.  It's pretty funny to see the story unfold of getting everyone in place and trying to get a picture where everyone was looking and smiling at the same time.  

Kristen was able to line up a few tables to everyone could eat lunch together this year.  That was really nice to be able to sit and talk and eat altogether.  Usually we are all in 3 different rooms.  G and H even got their own kids table (Reesey still had to be in her high chair).  It was so cute.  Like their own date.  

After lunch, Reese napped and the big kids played with Grayson's race trac.  It was awesome.  And the cars would get going so fast that they would spit out and fly across the room.  Taylor had to leave, which was sad!  But someone has to make some money, so off she went.  We cleaned the kitchen and did dishes (Eric got Gary's talent in this area and it was done in like 10 minutes).  And then, somehow we got on the subject of weight and both my brothers tried to say they weighed 140 and 160 pounds.  Ummm...what?!?  We didn't believe them (maybe we didn't want to?) so Kristen went and got the scale.  It's kind of a scary thing to step on a scale right after Christmas lunch, in front of 10 other people.  Kristen and Eric had a bet going that she weighed less than him, and she won her $1!

Grayson went down for a nap and then Cody took Harper upstairs to see if he could get her to lay down.  She hasn't been napping for a month or two or more and we were afraid she would wake up the other two by singing or playing with toys.  After about 45 minutes, they were both back downstairs because she was just too excited.  So she got to open her present from the McCools.  It was a craft box with tons of stuff to make art projects with.  She loves crafting, so this was a great gift!   She even handed everyone their own pipe cleaner.  

Another game of bean bags and it was a good afternoon.  It was pretty chilly so Dane eventually came in to change his flip flops (in December, really Dane - he's so crazy).  The rest of sat inside on the couches and just relaxed and talked more.  It was seriously a GREAT Christmas day.  

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