Saturday, December 7, 2013

Little Buddy is Sick.

Harper has been sick on and off again for almost 6 weeks.  She has had two sets of ear infections, two viruses, a UTI, and a stomach bug.  Each week she was sick for a few days, she would get better for a few days, and then she would get sick again.  It was a.lot.of.sickness.  One of the Mondays, I was so excited to go to Dallas.  I had a Mom's Inc meeting and was going to drop Harper off at my parents for naptime while I went birthday shopping with Jessica.  She kept acting fussy, but I just hurried her out the door.  We got in the car and before I even left the driveway, she threw up all over herself.  So, we quickly headed inside and camped out on the couch for the rest of the day.  

I had taken her to the doctor about a month earlier for a possible UTI because she had some symptoms, but the doctor thought it was just diaper rash.  Then, for about a month about every other day, Harper complained that her back hurt.  It was a weird complaint but didn't always happen, so I didn't think much about it.  Eventually it seemed to really bother her, so we tried to make it better.  We switched her booster seat even, because she seemed to complain most while she was eating breakfast.  Fast forward a month, and the morning after she threw up in the car, and she just cried and cried about her back hurting for an hour. I was stumped.  Kristi mentioned that lower back pain is associated with UTI, so we decided to have her checked out again.  We headed to the doctor and she immediately threw up in the car again.  Awesome.  This time, I hadn't brought any extra clothes, so I wiped her off and held my nose.  Turns out it was a UTI.    

We got an antibiotic, got a call two days later that it was a stronger bacteria and needed a stronger drug.  They gave her a sulpha drug, which many women in my family are allergic too.  So we gave it to her but watched her closely.  For two days, she seemed to get worse with a wheezing cough and a rash.  So, we finally called the doctor back and asked for another drug.  We got a third one that seemed to help.  Then, two days later, we headed back to the doctor for a fever and a still growing rash just to find out it was an allergic reaction after all - just another virus.  About three days after that, she woke up and kept fussing, and threw up about an hour later.  The ended up throwing up every 20 minutes All Day Long.  Ugh.  She couldn't keep a single drop of water in her stomach.  After 8 hours of not drinking any water, we took her to the doctor to make sure she wasn't dehydrated.  He gave her some nausea medicine but she was sick as a dog.  She literally laid on the couch all day and didn't do anything.  She watched hours of Little Einstein's and Disney movies.  She even napped on the couch, which usually doesn't happen.  She did figure out how to use the bowl this time, so I don't have to wash as many towels.  But it was a long, yucky day.

The next day she seemed better and was able to drink a little water and eat some bread, but she was still sick and pitiful.  So we watched some more tv and hung out on the couch again.  After her stomach bug, she got another ear infection and one more virus.  Just praying that this winter season doesn't get any worse!

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