Saturday, December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving in Frisco

This Thanksgiving, my sister Kristen hosted the Shattuck family at her house in Frisco.  She planned really well this year because we didn't have hardly anything to do before people showed up.  She had the turkey cooking early, I made pie before hand, Eric made the stuffing, and Cody made the gravy when the turkey was done.  Usually we are busy cooking and cleaning the whole time, but this time we got to play and sit around.  It was SO much better!  

Harper got this super adorable dress from KK about a month ago.  She found it at a boutique and bought it just for Thanksgiving.  Harper was in a great mood all day.  She absolutely loves going to the McCools to see Grayson and Reese and to play with all their fun toys.  Plus, she really does like to chase their dog around the house - I think she misses Maggie now that the dogs live outside.  

Reesey is getting so big!  She walks and runs like a total champ now and keeps up pretty good with the big kids.  Harper loves to play with her and they trade off pushing the doll in the stroller.  Harper also always wants to hug and kiss Reese, which is sweet but dangerous because they get a little unstable together.  She says a few words now (dada, more milk, done) and can wave.  She still takes multiple naps a day which is awesome, but she still gets grumpy in the evenings.  But with a face like that, who cares!  

We of course had to take family pictures.  No point in getting all dressed up and not taking advantage.  We were missing Dane this year, he stayed back in Austin to have Thanksgiving with some friends.  But we still had a great day with our family.  The day before, I was trying to explain siblings to Cody (since he's an only child).  And no matter how much we fought, we always had each others' back.  That's what happens when you spend almost 20 years day in and day out with each other.  You love them no matter what!

The kids had so much fun playing together.  The older kids loved that Uncle Eric was there to play with them.  Grayson and Eric threw the football back and forth.  Harper really wanted to play too, but when she got the ball, she wouldn't throw it back.  Eventually, Eric had to just grab her and take the ball back.  

Most of the cousins were there this year.  It was really good to see them, we don't get to as often as we used to.  We sit around and talk, catch up, talk about our crazy family.  It's pretty fun.  There were 25 adults this year and 8 2nd cousins.  Even missing a few of us, it was full and a little overwhelming.  I'm used it, but Cody and Harper not so much.  Everyone got there at about 1, so Harper wasn't about to take a nap and wouldn't have been able to sleep even if I had made her.  Around 2, Cody found her playing in the playroom and nodding off.  Poor thing, she was so tired.  Grayson was just as tired, but Kristen found him that afternoon hiding in her room watching Sofia.  

Eric has been up to Dallas a lot more lately and the kids have gotten used to him.  Grayson and Eric rough house and play and have tons of fun.  Grayson and Eric made a trade at one point - E's beer for G's sippy cup.  Grayson was mad when Kristen made him trade back.  Then, Eric made Grayson zerbert Scotty.  We all laughed because E called it a sherbert instead and didn't believe us.  

The 2nd cousin couch picture.  Grayson was super tired and didn't want to join.  We are only missing MacKenzie and Austin.  

We had a great day.  All the kids played so well and the adults got to talk and spend good time together.  I'm not sure what was different, but this Thanksgiving was really fun!

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