Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Morning with Santa

Christmas morning was super fun this year.  We had been telling her for a full month that Christmas was Jesus' birthday.  And to celebrate, Santa brought gifts.  And in thanks for baby Jesus, we give gifts to each other as well.  There was just no getting around Santa with a toddler , so we made the best of it.  It worked out pretty well.  So Christmas morning she got a gift from Santa and had a happy birthday Jesus party.  A good morning!    

The night before, Cody mentioned that even though we were getting Harper a doll crib and highchair, he thought we should also give her a new doll.  Mostly because this was the only thing she actually asked Santa for, a new "doll-yee".  That morning, she was a little grumpy from being sick and was not enjoying that I was trying to film and take pictures of the big reveal.  So it took a few minutes for her to see the presents and be excited.  And of course, the first thing she asked for when she saw the new crib was a "NEW doll-yee".  OMG.  I panicked.  She really wanted one.  I frantically ran to my gift closet and found a baby I had bought for a gift and we gave it to her.  Santa had "misplaced" it.  Haha!  She loved it though and it was a great morning.  She played with that doll all morning, feeding it, putting it to sleep, and being a good little mommy.

At breakfast time, we sat around the table and had our Happy Birthday Jesus party!  We had birthday cupcakes (muffins with sprinkles) and wore our birthday hats.  Cody read Luke 2 and we celebrated that Jesus came to Earth as a baby to be fully man and fully God and save us from our sins.  I pray that someday Harper will hold dear to this truth and trust in Jesus.  What a mighty God!

After breakfast, we loaded the car and were ready to go to my sisters.  Buddy and Serena came over for a little while to see Harper and her new Santa gifts.  It was nice to relax for a minute and we were even on time!

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