Friday, December 20, 2013

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Mark's Birthday

On Sunday we went over to have dinner with my parents and celebrate Mark's birthday. Grayson was still recovering from Bronchitis so he was unusually grumpy. Brian went upstairs to get him dressed and found him sitting in Reese's crib. He said, "I just climbed up", swung a leg over and climbed out. That is why we're in a big boy bed! He also threw a fit when Brian tried to get him dressed and insisted on wearing his orange shorts. The boy has style...

Grayson and Mark playing baseball in the cold (yes and with no jacket on while recovering from bronchitis). Parents of the year right here.

Grumpy pants. This was right after he threw his bat and went into time out for throwing his toys.

Harper staring out the window wanting to go outside and play.

KK and Reese

Mark and Reese

Harper lovin on Reese

You can barely see Mark on the left side but he's showing Grayson that he can "fly".

Grayson "flying"

 Cody was playing Mark's drums and Harper was so cute dancing. Also, love that this girl ALWAYS is wearing her mardi gras beads.

Nakey dance after bath time.

My parents friend Gayla came over to meet Reese and bring her a present.

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