Saturday, December 7, 2013


Due to her soy allergy, Harper doesn't get to eat most processed foods.  There are also a few foods that I can't make, that contain soy, like chocolate chips.  I was so sad for her when I couldn't find any chocolate chips that were soy free.  So we haven't really made any homemade cookies in awhile.  However, the other day at the grocery store, I check dark chocolate for soy, on a whim. is soy free!  Plus, it's so much better than milk chocolate anyways, so what a bonus!  So we set about making some homemade cookies.  Harper loves to help me cook and bake.  She pulls her stool up and helps me stir, pour ingredients in, and taste everything.  And this time, she was SO very excited!  

She got some cookies for dessert that night (which she thinks should be immediately following dinner, so we are working on that).  She was SO EXCITED.  She just kept saying, yummy yummy...  Now, she totally knows the goodness of the meaning of the word "cookie."  So we had cookies for snack the next day and she just kept asking for more.  I'm so thankful to find something for her so she gets to enjoy it just like her mama!

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