Friday, December 6, 2013

Road Trip with the Besties

Kara and I talked all fall about wanting to go to an A&M game.  We both weren't sure if it was going to happen since all four of us have been super busy this fall.  But we actually got to go and it was a truly FABULOUS day.  We love that Kara and Kevin are together.  They are both amazing people and both our best friends, so in essence, our best couple friend.  There is never any weirdness, we just talk and laugh and hang out and life is easy with them.  Other than Kevin's love of Texas football instead of A&M, we have so much fun.  But also because of this Longhorn obsession, this day was a bit marred by Kevin's indifference to the game, but we didn't tease him too much.  He's dating Kara for heaven's sake, I'm sure she'll change him soon enough.  

We left our house early, drove to Argyle to drop Harper off at my parents, drove to Kara's in Dallas, drove to College Station, and then repeated all of that in reverse that night.  We left for the game at 12, got there at 3, left CS at 12, and got back to Argyle at 4 am.  Including driving home the next morning, we drove 12 hours in a 24 hour time period. Ugh.  It was ALOT.  But, SO worth it.  Kara drove us and she did so good staying up at 2 am.  Cody and Kevin talked and played a game together on the ipad.  Kara and I talked about everything and it was so good to catch up.  We had Dairy Queen for lunch and it was yummy.  I've always liked road trips - such fun!

When we got to CS, we drove around and saw a few new additions.  Stopped by a tent sale.  Walked around campus.  Tailgating has gotten huge over in the field between the stadium and Southside dorms.  They also have this huge Aggie ring statue by the Association.  A bit before the game, we stopped by the new TexAgs building where Cody and Kevin's good friend, Gabe Bock, works.  Gabe works with TexAgs, which is a media source for everything A&M.  It's pretty cool that people look up to Gabe as a local celebrity.  We tailgated with them a bit and saw where he does his shows.  We also got to visit with Megan and their two kids, Ella and Easton.  They are precious and we love visiting with this fam!

We had been searching for tickets for awhile before we found these.  I kept telling Kara I would buy some online, but I kept forgetting.  Thankfully, my college friend Nikki called the week of the game and knew a friend selling their tickets.  Turns out that we got tickets on the alumni side, 1st deck, at the back (row 35) on the 45 yard line.  They were the BEST seats we have ever had.  And we got them for face value with a parking pass (two rows behind the stadium!).  It was such an awesome deal.  Plus, because it was near the back of the 1st deck, we were hidden from the wind when it dropped pretty low that night.  

We ended up beating UTEP 57-7 and got to see Johnny Manziel again.  Not sure what will happen in the future for A&M and Johnny Football, but it was a good game.  We also got to visit with Staci and Robert Thetford at halftime since they were at the game too.  All in all, it was a fabulous day.  I love going back to College Station.  It holds such great memories and I get to feel young again for a day.

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