Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shoebox Packing Playdate

Harper and I have found a moms and kids playgroup in the Texoma area.  They are such fabulous moms and their kids are even cuter.  I am grateful to have found them, they have given me great advice on things to do and know about this area.  They have also given us some of our sanity back when it comes to playdates.  And, most of them are alot like us - staying home, crafting, cooking and eating, etc.  So it's been lots of fun getting to know them.  

At the October playdate, we were talking about service playdates and I agreed to host an Operation Christmas Child shoebox packing party.  We heard a guy on staff at OCC talk at Mom's Inc about how God has truly used the shoeboxes to bless the children and families in other countries.  Connecting families that moved apart but got each other's shoebox with a note and a picture (not a coincidence!).  And also teaching us how to be more giving and less greedy here, during this time of year.

So each mom picked up one item for the group and we combined all our supplies.  This allowed us to send more boxes and enjoy packing as a group.   The kids played around for awhile when they got here and I got to show off the new house.  It's funny when you spend so much time and energy to remodel a house but don't know any people to have over to visit.  So it was encouraging that the moms were so kind about how much they liked the house.  After playing, the kids filled out information pages for their shoeboxes and colored the worksheet.  Then, each kid got to pack their shoebox with basic necessities and fun toys.  We got to have great conversations about why the kids weren't keeping these toys or able to play with them.  To explain that there were other kids who deserved gifts too, and that we were just being stewards of the gifts that God has given to us as well.  It was a great day and I'm so glad these other moms were willing to do it with us.  We were able to pack 12 shoeboxes - which was awesome!

Aaron, Joey, Anna, Clara, Jack, Harper, Tessa

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