Friday, December 20, 2013

Decorating Christmas Cookies

Our playgroup got together at the end of the ice week to decorate sugar cookies.  We went to a church in Denison so we had a huge workspace and multiple ovens to cook in.  It was perfect.  I had been telling Harper about it so she had something to look forward to.  It worked, but maybe a little too much.  She cried about cookies for days and wouldn't take no for an answer when I told her it wasn't time yet.  She kept losing it at the playgroup because all she wanted to do was eat the cookies.  She didn't like when I said told her to wait.  I could somewhat understand because it was our first time out since the ice hit.  I was tired of being in the house.  The day before, MaryRuth had driven to the church to make sure the roads were good and make sure we were still having group.  I think everyone was ready to get out and play!  

The kids all got a spot and some cookie dough.  They got to make about 5 cookies with a cookie cutter, and roll out the dough on their own.  They loved it!  Harper tried to eat the dough, of course, but she was happy using the cookie cutters too.  We baked all the cookies and tried to distract the kids with a game until they were done.  We got to visit and play with Kelly and Tessa that morning, so it made it even better!

When the cookies were ready, each kid got a few colors of icing and a paintbrush.  It was the BEST idea for decorating cookies with toddlers.  She knows how to paint, so she figured it out pretty quickly. Before she even started painting though, before any kid really even had time to think about icing their cookie, Harper had already eaten a full cookie and was working on her second.  After I showed her how much better they were with icing, she decided to paint her cookies too.  She had a blast and even got some sprinkles on her cookies at the last minute.  We only took a few cookies home, but it was a great day!  I had a blast talking with Kelly, MaryRuth, Sarah, and Kristi.  Harper had fun playing and running around with all the kids.  At the end, Harper couldn't find Tessa (she was in the bathroom) and she totally melted down.  She loves her!

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