Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Vacation Bible School

I don't have a lot of pictures, but I wanted to remember this week.  She went to VBS at First Methodist Sherman, same as last year.  She was a bit scared last year because it was pretty new, but we were both much more prepared for it this year.  Shillings were there and we invited Haddocks last minute.  She loved having Reagan in class.  She would tell me everything they learned and all the fun she and Reagan had.  She truly had the best time all week.  She sang all the songs and even tried to show me all the hand motions.  She loved VBS.  I had to pick her up each day a little early so we could rush to swim lessons, but she didn't mind.  The pictures are from when I got there each day and they were still in their music session.  She looks so focused!  

One day, on the way, I had a tire blow out on the highway.  Shillings came and took Harper with them and Cody came and fixed my tire.  Harper was more worried about being late to VBS than anything.  The next day, the tire store was going to put on my new tire, so Paige and I got to spend the morning with Lorna and Presley.  We just window shopped and it was a very fun morning.  The last morning, Cody came and we had breakfast and hung out in Sherman until her VBS performance.  She stood in the front with Reagan and they both sang the whole time!  She didn't know the hand motions as well but she didn't really care.  There was also a little boy who was sitting and laying on the front step and she might have gotten pretty distracted by him.  Girlfriend still had a blast!  

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