Monday, August 10, 2015

4th with Bible Study

In the summers, our bible study splits up and does women's and men's studies at the church.  It's great because ours have been IF:Gathering for the past two years, which I love.  But it means we see families less and get less time together.  So we decided to have everyone out for the 4th of July.  We had dinner on Friday evening, the 3rd.  Cody smoked a brisket and it was phenomenal.  Like, so good!  We all just got to sit around and chat and enjoy each other's company.  The kids played inside while we ate and then we all headed outside to play.  The kids had just as much fun as the adults it seems.  Both jumped on the trampoline, played Jenga, and blew bubbles.  Poor Brennan got covered in bubbles and it definitely didn't feel good in his eyes.  Harper and Camilla had a blast running around like crazy.  The men played corn hole and the women just sat around and chatted.  It was a great evening.  Right as people were about to leave, Cody brought out the 4wheeler and took all the kids and women on a hay ride.  The kids were in awe and it was super fun.  After the families with kids left, the Davis' and the Smith's stayed and hung out for the night.  We lit fireworks and Harper got to be the center of attention as she played with sparklers.  She loves hanging out with our friends, and thankfully they love her too.  We sat for a few hours just listening to all the people out by us setting off fireworks and there were a few houses on our street that lit some pretty big ones.  It was a fabulous night and we had a great time.

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