Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Baby Ellie is here!

Kristen was scheduled for her c-section on Monday, June 22nd.  It was one week before Ellie's due date.  Funnily enough, While they were waiting on the c-section, she started having some contractions.  I'm guessing Ellie was coming that day no matter what!  She wasn't going in until noon and wouldn't be able to see visitors until a few hours after that.  Since that's Paige's nap time, she stayed home with Cody and Harper and I headed down there at lunchtime.  We got there in time to run a few errands and get to the hospital a little early.  Something about being in the hospital when a baby is born makes it more real and fun than being at home.  So we all got to the hospital and it ended up being awhile because Kristen was having some post surgery bleeding and they had to get it under control.  It ended up making her pretty nauseous that day and a little out of it.  We only stayed for an hour or so and then headed back home.  Poor Kristen looked exhausted!  This time, almost everyone got to be there.  Since Dane and Eric had come up for the weekend, they were there the whole time and headed home afterwards.  Taylor and Carleigh met us for some shopping before and the grandparents all came up after work.  The McCools brought Grayson and Reese from school and they were so excited!  Brian came and got them so they could have a little alone time as a family before all the craziness started.  Then I went in to take a few family pictures.  They were so cute.  You could tell they had been waiting on Ellie for a long time.  They kept telling her she was pretty and that they loved her.  Grayson gave her a teddy bear and they both did a great job holding her.  While everyone was in the room, all the cousins did ok being good but some nurse buttons might have gotten pushed and some kids might have gotten a little rowdy.  But it was a fabulous day and I'm so glad that we were able to all meet Ellie.  She is absolutely precious!

Ellie Vaughn McCool was born at 12:28pm, Friday June 22nd, 2015.  Weighing 6 lb 7 oz. and 19 1/2 in long.  (I think!)  She is pretty similar to Paige, who was just a little heavier.  She has a full head of this crazy, thick blonde hair and she is just absolutely tiny.  She has long chicken legs and long toes and feet.  And of course she has the Klusman eyes and tiny button nose.  I already love her so much!

This picture.  Only McCool.  Around 11am, Brian texted Kathryn and I with a picture of a newborn and said that "someone" came early.  I should have automatically known it was a joke, but it just didn't even register.  I texted Kristen immediately to say congrats and she was confused.  Not hers.  However, Kathryn thought it was real and didn't check with Kristen.  She woke Eric up early, called Dane at a friend's house, and they all started rushing around trying to get ready to head up to the hospital.  Hysterical.  As soon as Brian found out they were on the way up, he quickly explained the joke.  It made for an eventful day, that's for sure.

When Ellie was 4 days old, Harper and I had to go to Dallas for her eye doctor appointment.  So we decided to go earlier in the morning and take lunch to Kristen and visit with Baby Ellie.  Brian was gone for the weekend and the kids were at KK's so she had a quiet house to just recuperate after her surgery.  I was sad because I am so far away now that I am not able to see them as much as I would like.  But I'm going to go as often as I can and just enjoy it.  Ellie was still so little that I was in shock at just how big Paige had gotten in just 4 months.  We had a good visit, Kristen was feeling good, and we got some good Ellie snuggles.  Already love that little girl so much!  When we got home, Harper was holding Paige and I was laughing at what a difference it was.  These two babies will be such great friends though.  And Harper is such a great big sister and cousin.  She would hold these girls all day if she could!

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