Monday, August 10, 2015

Dance Rehearsal

Harper has been in dance class all year.  Every Tuesday morning for an hour.  She dances and the moms chat.  She loves it.  She gets to do jazz, ballet, tap and tumbling.  It was all leading up to her recital in the middle of May.  She got her costume about a month before her recital and we got to try it on and practice her hair and makeup.  She loved her blue costume, with all the flowers and feathers and bling.  She loved putting on makeup and curling her hair too.  I think she felt like a princess!  It took a few tries and we still didn't really figure out how to get her hair to stay curly.  We tried to curl it wet and pin it up until it dried.  Then we tried foam rollers.  On the day of the recital we just ended up curling it with a small curling iron and it worked beautifully.  

We took a class day and did group pictures.  It lasted almost 2 hours and was a little bit much, but good overall.  She took group pictures in all four of her outfits as well as individuals.  The photographer even took a few of Tessa and Harper together.  They loved it!

The day before the recital, we had the dress rehearsal.  It was scheduled for 5pm until about 8:30 or so.  Yikes.  I didn't think we'd make it the whole time and we didn't.  Her dances were at the beginning, the end of the 1st half, the beginning of the 2nd half, and the end of the show.  Harper danced in her first dance and then had about an hour and a half to play in the aisle with her friends.  They colored and watched shows and watched in awe as the bigger girls danced on stage.  Then she danced her 2nd and 3rd pretty much right in a row.  It was going to be another hour and a half at least for the last dance, so we just left and went home.  It was already after 8 and I knew she would have a big day tomorrow.  Poor kiddo was tired of sitting quietly in the dark theater anyways.  But she had fun just playing with her friends and it was actually good for us to figure out what to do because it was a lot of info.

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