Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Our Farmhouse Table

We had talked about building a farmhouse table when we moved into the house.  But we were so busy, that we just used our former dining room table.  But we also took Harper out of her high chair and it took her a long time to learn how to get up on the tall chairs and how to sit without falling off.   So now with Paige, we decided we needed a lower table.  And since it's summer, we do all the projects we can.  So Cody did some research and we found a table we liked.  He built it in about two days and it cost about $100.  He also built a bench to go along the wall with the window.  We stained the table top to match the rest of the house and painted the legs white so they would stand out against the wood floor.  Last, we found some chairs online and got super lucky that they turned out to be the exact right color and texture and are fabulous chairs.  I love this table and I am so excited to finally have it.  Plus, I think Cody did such a phenomenal job!  It is absolutely perfect!

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