Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Lake Getaway

We promised Taylor that we would take her for a special getaway before she left for college.  We wanted to stay within a few hours drive so we could go and get back in time to pick up the girls.  They were going to stay with Kristi and Gary that day so we could drop them off as we picked up the sisters.  We decided to go float the river in Austin.  We even talked about good food places, going to Gruene Hall, and visiting the brothers.  But as we discussed time, we would have to leave at 6am, to go to my parents, get to Austin by noon, float the river till 3, have dinner and drive straight back so we could get the girls by bedtime to get home by 10pm.  It was going to be a 8 hours of driving for 4 hours of fun.  Not the best plan.  So the day before, Kristi offered to see if we could go to their friends lake house in Gainesville.  The McMullins were in their small group and were always such gracious people.  They let us got to their lake house and just hang out for the day.  Plus, it was 1 hour of driving compared to 4.  It was perfect!

We got midmorning and just sat around and chatted for awhile.  We had lunch and finally made our way down to the lake.  I'm not a huge fan of lake water, but I love to lay out.  But when we got down there, their dock had a diving platform on top.  And since everyone else was doing it, I decided to also.  Cody didn't want to jump at the same time, so he went first.  Then, we were going to go together, and I couldn't do it.  So next went Carleigh and Taylor.  I went last, but it took a lot of guts.  We did it again and this time Cody and I went together.  It was so fun!  After that, we just relaxed on the big tube and laid around.  Cody, Carleigh and I kayaked across the lake.  Taylor napped.  And we just had such a fun afternoon.  After awhile, we went back up to make some snacks and relax.  I made a pineapple cherry dump cake and we almost finished off the whole thing.  We played Apples to Apples and laughed at all the dumb things we said.  It was perfect.  

We made dinner and ate it on the road to my parents house.  We hung out with them for awhile and then left for home at bedtime.  It was a great day.  I can't believe Taylor goes to college soon!  We will miss her so much but I know she is going to have a blast!

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